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One Experience For Everything In Your Life

Office 365 Surface
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Your complete Office in the cloud

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*Office 365 Home includes 60 Skype world minutes that allow you to call over 60 destinations. Please visit the website for the full list of supported destinations.

A family reunion, finally!

Spending time with family members who are always on-the-go was a luxury until Office 365 Home, which can be installed on up to 5 devices in each set, arrived at our doorstep. Now hubby can call our home or mobile phone with free Skype World minutes anywhere during business travel*. Our son can make the most out of OneNote by collaborating with teammates online while at home. Thanks to Office 365, now there is quality time for my family!

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Let's transform the way you learn

Squeezing time for project discussions has always been challenging for busy University students. Make it happen with Office 365! With OneNote, you won't miss a thing even if you can't attend group meetings. Collaborating online across multiple devices has never been easier. Simply jot down ideas and share with team members for comments and amendments anytime, anywhere. Office 365 is definitely your best choice for smart learning.

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*Storage amount is 25GB as of 1 May 2014. Subject to change, 1TB storage amount increase is planned to take place in the course of 2014.

A brave new world of ever-changing business

The future of business is about how we share information, and respond to the
ever-changing conditions. Office 365 makes document sharing easy and supports
cross-platform devices, including Windows, iOS and Android phone. The 1TB*
OneDrive for Business enables real-time collaborations with your team members anytime, anywhere. Office 365 helps you and your organization be more productive, responsive and agile - all while keeping it cost-effective!

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One Device For Everything In Your Life

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Show Your Personality with Family Sharing

Believe me, we made it with only one Surface – one device for every family member with all the personality yet total privacy.

The key lies in the fact that Surface now supports multiple users, which allows personalized interfaces and apps. At home, I can turn it into a notebook for work, and upon logout everything's safe and sound. This lightweight tablet also allows my wife to watch her favorite show online anytime, anywhere. And Flash-supported Surface also let my son learn with eClass learning system and play at the same time.

As versatile and practical as it is, Surface adds colors to our family life!

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Be an active learner

Tablets should be as mush versatile as students need. What's perfect for both on and
off-campus use? I'd say Surface!

With Surface, I can surf the web, watch TV show online and have fun with apps when I'm on the go. In class, as soon as I click in the all-in-one Cover onto my Surface, it turns into a powerful laptop for essay and with a professional stylus for easy note-taking. The HD output is adding even more magic to the device. When it is connected to the projector or TV, I can do presentations and enjoy HD movies anytime, anywhere.

As light and chic as it is, Surface brings colors into my life into my Academic & Social!

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Flexibility key for startups

Startup entrepreneurs are all about transforming. Be it your own couch, café or taxi, with Surface you can watch blockbuster while enjoying your latte, and never have to worry about missing any important emails. Get inspired with the endless stream of news and entertainment, and jot down your ideas and drawings as soon as it clicks with the Surface stylus. Now your business has all the flexibility in the world to transform and take off!

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