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Under the Copyright Ordinance of Hong Kong, an organization’s directors, partners and senior managements are now criminally liable if their employees using illegal software in the organization. “Ignorance” is no longer a defense.

Six tips to protect yourself and your organization:

Have your software professionally verified

Microsoft® offers free verification services to give you a clear picture of the legal status of your software assets. Please call the Microsoft Customer Hotline at 2388 9600 to find out more.

Manage your IT resources more effectively

With tools from Microsoft System Center, you can better monitor and manage your IT environment to keep it safe from pirated software. At the same time, you'll be optimizing your IT resources and helping all your colleagues work more efficiently. Visit for details.

Buy only genuine software

Make it your organization's policy to buy only from Microsoft authorized dealers so that you can be sure your software is genuine. Wherever you are in the world, you can find a dealer with relevant experience at

Get reliable information

For information you can trust, explore to find out how to detect pirated software and resolve non-compliance issues.

Consider the Cloud

Microsoft's comprehensive cloud computing solutions let you deliver IT as a service. This is a flexible way to provide a secure, stable and high-performance IT infrastructure with genuine products and 24x7 support. Go to to learn how the power of the cloud can help you.

How to Tell Genuine Microsoft Software

This guide provides the method of identifying the main Genuine Microsoft Software, aiming to help users learn, verify and purchase Genuine Microsoft Software with confidence.

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Why should I use genuine software?

Some people in Hong Kong think that using pirated software is purely a personal choice. They ignore the risks that pirated software poses to their personal freedom, to their employer and business associates, and to their good name amongst friends and family. Such damage may never be fully repaired.

As a computer user, and a Hong Kong citizen, you have a responsibility to use genuine software. You need to understand the risk you take if you choose to use pirated software or let an employee do so.

This website has been designed as a one-stop portal to help enterprises and individuals learn about the benefits of using genuine software and the serious risks of non-compliance.

What tools can help me minimize risk?

Microsoft has advanced tools to help you ensure that your IT environment remains uncontaminated by pirated software and functioning at peak efficiency.

Used in more enterprises globally than any other configuration solution, System Center Configuration Manager 2007 assesses and deploys servers, computers and devices across all your IT environments. Optimized for Windows®, it helps companies of all sizes verify compliance and reduce total cost of ownership.

Designed for the mid-sized business, System Center Essentials 2010 enables you to proactively manage your entire IT environment from a single console. It helps you simplify complex management tasks, accelerate installation and configuration, and automate system updates. Easy to deploy and maintain, it spans your physical and virtual infrastructure to increase efficiency.

Please call the Microsoft Customer Hotline at 2388 9600 for advice and information.