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Windows License Solution for Internet Cafe


Legalization to guarantee customers' genuine licensed experience

Are you aware whether the applications in Internet Café you go to are legal or not? How can you find out? For Internet Café business owners, do you know you face license compliance problems if you have not yet addressed the issue?

How to tell if an Internet cafe is using legitimate software?
Once you walk in and sit down in an Internet café, there should be a tent card near you stating ‘Welcome to a genuine Windows Internet café’ or ‘Thank you for using genuine Windows software’ if the café registered the license program.

Address license compliance issue now!

Help is here, as a license solution is available now for all Windows® applications called Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), which is the first ever licensing program designed especially for service providers like Internet café to deal with license compliance issues.

Have questions about the solution?

  • What is SPLA?
  • The Microsoft® Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enables services providers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to license Microsoft licensed products on a monthly basis over a three-year agreement term and to use these products to provide software services and hosted applications to their customers.
  • How the SPLA differs from Other Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements?
  • Other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs—such as Enterprise Agreement, Select License, and Open License—do not allow commercial hosting of Microsoft licensed products. In contrast, the SPLA is designed specifically for services providers so that you can deliver software services to your customers, or even to third parties. As a result, your customers do not have to acquire their own licensed products. For Internet café business, the SPLA provides your customers with access to and use of any licensed product, Microsoft or otherwise.
  • Are there any upfront fee required to sign the SPLA?
  • No, there are no upfront program fees associated with signing the SPLA. However, Microsoft Certified Partner Membership is a requirement of the program. Service providers who are not a Microsoft Certified Partner should contact Microsoft's SPLA authorized reseller for assistance in signing up to the program.

Click here to learn more about the SPLA. For more information, you are welcome to call our Customer Services Hotline at 23889600.