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The Legal Edge

The Legal Edge

On her first day in her new job, IT specialist Nancy makes a shocking discovery about her new firm's computer network when she discovers that many of the accountancy firm's computers are running on improperly licensed and counterfeit software. Fortunately, she's able to come up with a solution that solves the problem and saves the day...

Know the Facts

If your company is running counterfeit, pirated or unlicensed copies of Windows®, the Get Genuine Kit is a cost - effective solution. Once you implement the GET GENUINE KIT, all of your systems will have the

  • Features
  • Support
  • Reliability
  • And performance

That comes with authentic Microsoft® software.

The Microsoft Get Genuine Kit offers a clear path to legalize unlicensed Windows on existing PCs

If you used a Volume License to install full operating systems on your computers, or have discovered counterfeit software on your company's network, you may be eligible to acquire the Microsoft Get Genuine Kit from your reseller to bring all of your Windows into compliance.


When all of your Microsoft software is authentic and properly licensed, you can rest assured that your company has a program of good IT hygiene and asset management in place.


You'll also be protected from the Trojans and malware that can be embedded in counterfeit software, and have access to important updates and tech support.


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