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Legalization Solution for Windows 7

Do you know that Hong Kong Copyright (Amendment) Ordinance 2007 now includes a new presumption of criminal liability for directors whose companies are found to be using infringing software under certain circumstances. Hong Kong SAR Government has announced that this new provision came into force in 2008, we urge our customers to use this time-limited opportunity to ensure that their companies are using legitimate software.

Legalize your software today! Don't wait, act now!

Have you encounteres problems with your PC?

Are you discovering Windows® desktop license compliance issues and asking for a reasonable way to address them? Don’t worry Microsoft® has the most cost effective and convenient method for customers like you. Through our Get Genuine Kit and Get Genuine Windows Agreement Volume Licensing solution you can legalize the ‘non-genuine’ Windows 7 in a few easy steps.

Who's at risk?

Consider the following scenarios and ask yourself if your company might be in a similar situation. Did your company:


  1. Purchase PCs without an operating system (OS) preinstalled and then used a Volume License agreement to install Windows?
  2. Purchase PCs with Windows 7 Home Premium installed as the base OS and then use a commercial Volume License agreement to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional?
  3. Attempt to save costs by doing in-place motherboard upgrades and did acquire a new Windows license on that PC?
  4. Download software online or from unknown sources?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you may be at risk.

If you discover counterfeit, pirated or any software improperly purchased on your PC that may cause you to be out of license compliancy, help is available. Microsoft’s portfolio of legalization solutions can resolve your license compliance issues, so you can enjoy the genuine licensed experience you expect.

Why go genuine!

There are many benefits to using genuine software, it doesn’t only provide you with the confidence of having authentic software, but also supplies you with all the capabilities you expect and more. With ongoing improvements you will always be updated with the latest enhancements and innovations that will help protect your PC and business.

Get Genuine Kit (GGK) for small offices and home office users

Get Genuine Kit (GGK) is especially designed for small offices and home office users who have fully assembled PCs with a previously installed counterfeit, pirated or otherwise illegal or unlicensed copy of Windows 7. All you need to do is acquire the Get Genuine Kit from your system builder and in a few simple steps you'll be able to benefit the full advantage of genuine Windows. GGK is available worldwide for resellers to obtain through Authorized OEM Distributors and is offered to commercial customers who generally need smaller quantities and prefer not to sign a legalization agreement.

For more information, click on the link below:
Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA)for small, medium and large organizations

Get Genuine Windows Agreement (GGWA) is suitable for commercial customers who want to resolve non-compliance on their PCs for their entire company. This convenient solution asks that a minimum of 5 licenses be purchased from any Microsoft reseller at the time of ordering. GGWA is tailored to meet the needs of commercial organizations that usually purchase and deploy Microsoft software through Volume Licensing. Large companies who have a significant installed base of PCS needing wide legalization could contact Large Account Reseller for purchase minimums.

GGWA for Business Organizations
Customer Type Organizations that want to acquire a legalization solution via Volume Licensing
Order Quantity 5-license purchase minimum
Terms and Conditions
  • Customer legalization agreement must be pre-signed and includes an audit clause
  • Customer acknowledgement of legalization
  • Customer commitment that future purchases will contain legal software
  • One-time only purchase
  • No transferability of license
  • No Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is included
  • Customer receives an electronic order confirmation
  • Media is available as a separate purchase
  • SA can be acquired within 90 days of GGWA purchase
  • Support is not included but can be acquired separately
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To take advantage of our legalization solution, contact Microsoft authorized reseller to purchase or call our Customer Service Hotline 23889600 for futher details.