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Piracy Perils

Piracy Perils

Sylvia and Alexander go head to head to win a big contract. They are both made very aware by their bosses that the future of their companies could be riding on landing this business. When they arrive at Mr. Young's office, before he tells them of his decision, he makes it clear that this business partnership is critical to the expansion of his business too. Mr. Young has done his homework and has discovered that one of the bidders is not fully compliant with intellectual property laws...

Know the Facts

Software piracy is not a victimless crime. It hurts businesses and local economies. When companies take steps to follow IP laws, they:

  • Build their business on a solid foundation.
  • Fuel economic growth.
  • Increase local industry revenues.
  • Generate tax revenues that can fund healthcare, education, and job training programs.

Consider how software piracy puts your business at risk & ask yourself - "is it really worth it?"

When Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are respected, we all benefit

Some think using pirated software or violating Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) laws only affects the big software companies. But the truth is, respecting IPR benefits you, your business, your customers, and your community.


Studies show cutting software piracy rates by just 10% over a four-year period would lead to significant increases in economic growth, high-wage technology jobs, and tax revenues crucial for funding social programs.


To learn more about the impact of software piracy and the importance of intellectual property rights click here.

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