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Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010 helps development teams streamline their day-to-day operations, from collaboration and reporting issues, resource management to optimizing code quality. Information and workflows are centralized and organized in the platform, which governs the development in standardized development processes. Coding team following the process can build application in a more efficient way, and enhance the performance of the team as a whole. The integrated platform can improve productivity and empower management to have full visibility on project status.

Key benefits

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 provides an aggressive set of innovations that help software teams deliver superior results. It provides a new set of architecture tools to link design requirements to your code, to have your team’s every move can be referenced and documented. Performance and stress testing features will guarantee high quality applications running in maximum speed. With all the requirements, test cases and code integrated into a single system, managers can have full visibility of the project on a web-based project portal, while developers and testers can use the portal to efficiently collaborate with each other.

  • Performance and Stress Testing

    Visual Studio 2010's rich profiling tools and real-world scenario modeling can ensure that your application is ready to perform.

  • Automated UI/webpage Testing

    Visual Studio 2010 has automated UI testing capabilities where developers can leave batch test running to machines, view the testing report afterwards and prioritize their tasks.

  • Software Project Management and Off-shore Team Collaboration

    Visual Studio 2010 can help your team work as one and maintain the overall quality of your applications regardless of individual member’s location.

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