Customer Evidence

Transforming Education Around the Globe. Educators around the world are helping students reach their full potential with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. These schools are giving students a foundation for lifelong success by getting more technology into classrooms, labs and libraries for lower total cost to own.

Bringing New Life to Older Equipment and Saving 75%

Find out how Gymnázium, SOŠ a SOU, a Czech Republic secondary school, helps students get ready to compete for jobs, while also reducing power and equipment costs. Watch the Video and Read the Case Study.

“We deployed Office 2010 on Windows MultiPoint Server and it worked flawlessly, even on the old hardware and it was instantly available to all the stations.”

— Karel Klatovsky
IT Manager and Teacher

Personalized Learning Experience for Students

See how the Philippines Department of Education allows multiple students to have their own independent Windows experience by sharing one host computer – all while getting more done and saving on energy, licensing and equipment.

“Having computers in the classroom is one of our highest contributors to our overall energy costs, so Windows MultiPoint Server provides a substantial savings for us.”

— Mari Paul C. Soriano, Director for Technical Services
Philippines Department of Education

Expanding Computer Lab to 150 Stations with Simple Set Up and Management

Find out how Gulzar Group of Institutes in Punjab, India provides more teachers and students with access to computers for lower upfront costs and with less maintenance. Watch Video and Read the Case Study.

“We saved 40 percent on our initial hardware cost, which was a significant savings for us.”

— Gurkirat Singh, Executive Director
Gulzar Group of Institutes

Providing More Educational Computing Resources for Less Money

See how the Bellevue (Washington) School District gets the most out of technology investments in classrooms, libraries and labs – all for lower total cost of ownership. Watch Video

“In a typical elementary classroom, the average cost per workstation was about $1200 and with Multipoint Server that dropped to about $800. Across the entire 27 classrooms, plus the library, the savings are close to $70,000.00 per school. At one elementary, we also saved $60,000 on network switches and about $5,000 on network cabling for a total of $135,000.”

— Jason Golec
Bellevue School District, USA

Monitoring Students and Orchestrating the Learning Experience

See how teachers in the Sultan (Washington) School District are helping students stay focused on learning with Windows MultiPoint Server. Watch Video

“One of the things I hear most from teachers is they have the ability to direct their students, to keep them on task, on focus. With Windows MultiPoint Server they can actually decide where the kids can go. They can build a list of sites that they want the kids to visit or explicit sites that they don’t want the kids to visit. They can send them a message saying, ‘Hey, get back on task.’ The teachers are just lovin’ it.”

— Dave Moon, IT Director
Sultan School District, USA

Extending the Life of Technology Investments in America’s Heartland

Learn the exciting ways Tri-Center Schools in Neola, Iowa are saving money, empowering teachers, and helping students reach their potential with Windows MultiPoint Server. Watch Video

“When we got Windows MultiPoint Server, this is going to sound funny, but I almost went through the ceiling with my big hurrah. It is something I’ve been asking for since I’ve been here…”

— Georgiann Anderson

Providing Computers to Girls for the First Time and Reducing Energy Costs 80%

See how the Rwandan Girls Academy puts the latest Windows technology in the hands of young girls to extend the reach of high-quality education to all. Watch Video and Read the Case Study.

“Some of these girls have never even seen a computer before. Through Windows MultiPoint Server, they can experience the most current software and technology.”

— Kimberly Mecham, Technical Advisor
Gashora Girls Academy

Rebuilding Better Than Ever After the Earthquake

Learn how Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haiti saves on energy and equipment as they expand educational opportunities and help the whole country recover. Watch Video and Read the Case Study.

“As we expand, Windows MultiPoint Server will likely save us hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs.”

— Patrick Attie, Director Adjoint
Ecole Supérieure d'Infotronique d'Haiti