Microsoft works with a broad range of companies that offer solutions and services for Windows MultiPoint Server 2011.

These partners, OEMs*, build and offer complete solutions, including the hardware components and Windows MultiPoint software.

Worldwide OEM Partners

Partner / Description Host Computer Access Devices
Atrust Logo

Based on Windows MultiPoint Server, Atrust provides an integrated solution incorporating both the server and station hubs (zero clients). You can choose among or combine different types of clients to suit your needs. The solution enables educators to drastically reduce the total cost of ownership and offer familiar Windows experience. The financial savings from a reduction in IT acquisition costs can be allocated to other resources for digital learning. Learn more

Atrust st100 server
  • Atrust zero clients:
    Atrust m200/m202/m220
  • Atrust thin client family:
    t100 series/t160 series/t200 series
Goodway Logo

Good Way’s solution is fully integrated with Microsoft® Windows® MultiPoint® Server. Goodway Client Dock access devices combine USB and Ethernet options, providing a complete and flexible platform for multi-user configurations. The system can be implemented by schools, classrooms or libraries, as well as in homes. Learn more

Shuttle XPC-SH67H3
  • Good Way Client Dock ZC2600/ZC2610/DU2792/AE6210
HP Logo

HP offers a full breadth of solutions for our customers seeking the elegance of Microsoft Multipoint Server 2011 solutions that cover the breadth of the award winning HP ProLiant servers, HP MultiSeat PC’s, networking, and zero clients. HP MultiSeat solution is designed to help turn schools and small businesses with limited technology access like medical offices and senior centers into a technology-rich computing experience for every user in a classroom, lab, public access site or small office.

MultiSeat is fully OEM licensed and is designed to work with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 to create a familiar Windows customer experience. Learn more

HP ProLiant MicroServer, ML/DL 100 or 300 series server solutions can be coupled with the Microsoft MultiPoint Server 2011 Volume licenses for Standard or Academic solutions or the HP OEM Reseller Option kit for Premium Edition available through HP’s worldwide channel partners for the deployment of SMB complimentary specialty server needs.

  • HP MultiSeat MS6000 Series Desktops
  • HP ProLiant MicroServer, ML/DL 100 & 300 Series
  • HP MultiSeat t100 Thin Client
  • HP MultiSeat t150 Thin Client
  • ProCurve Networking
LG Logo

LG Cloud Monitor is now proudly offers its zero-client monitor, the world’s first embedded multi computing monitor with Windows Multipoint Server 2011. Simple and easy to use, it is optimized for various computing environments such as education and small business. LG Cloud Monitor offers outstanding features for educators and students who use computing for word processing, playing videos, internet access, e-mail and other simple applications. Learn more

B5 series: B51NH
  • D series: N1941WP
  • E series: N194WA, N224WHA
  • U series: N195WU, N225WU
ViewSonic Logo

The ViewSonic MultiClientTM Solution is both economical and effective. It provides excellent monitors with built in access devices. which can meet the demands of various organizations, including education/training, businesses, libraries, train stations, airports and museums. It provides unbeatable service quality, easier management and higher security. Learn more

The Ideal MultiClient Host Server VMS700
  • MultiClient USB/LAN Solution VMA10/VMA20
  • LCD Monitor VA 1601s-LED
  • Ultra-slim monitor & mouse

* Original Equipment Manufacturers

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These partners build and offer Windows MultiPoint Server 2011-compatible access devices (USB or video card), allowing users to directly connect monitors, mice, and keyboards to the host computer.

Partner / Description Access Devices
DisplayLink Logo

DisplayLink virtual graphics technology with familiar USB technology—integrated in the HP t100 Thin Client device and using Windows MultiPoint Server 2011—enables shared resource computing. Now educators can access the power of a single computer to surf the Internet and share files with up to ten students, each with an individual desktop session. Learn more

  • Display Link DL-1x5 series
  • HP t-100 and HP t-150

Magic Control Technologies’ MultiPoint Solutions are designed to work with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 to simplify the process of shared resource computing. By utilizing low-cost plug and play USB technology, educators, governments, and emerging countries can provide a genuine Windows experience to multiple users from a single computer. Learn more

  • MSW 8820/8830
  • MSW 8840/8940
  • MSW 300L
NComputing Logo

NComputing vSpace software and ultra-low cost access devices support Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 to expand access and deliver a rich and familiar PC experience to students in educational institutions worldwide. Learn more

  • U series (USB Connect)
  • X series (Direct Connect video card)
  • L 300 (Lan Connect)

SMSC, a leading provider of USB and Ethernet solutions, now enables graphics over USB 3.0/2.0, Ethernet and/or Wireless transports in shared resource computing environments with its ViewspanTM technology. SMSC graphics solutions empower OEMs to create highly versatile, high performance and low cost Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 zero client devices. Learn more

  • Viewspan (USB 2.0 high speed) and Viewspan 5G (USB 3.0 super speed) solutions
  • UFX6000 / UFX7000 based devices
ThinGlobal Logo

ThinGlobal offers education solutions to optimize Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, providing innovative technology at reduced costs. There are three different options available: PCI-E and PCI video card-based solutions, USB-based solutions, and Thin Client-based solutions. Learn more

  • PCI-E and PCI video card-based solutions, USB-based solutions, and Thin Client-based solutions.

Wyse Technology has just introduced its E02 Zero Client, a new shared desktop offering with Ethernet connectivity. The Wyse E01 and E02 Zero Clients works in conjunction with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 to provide education institutions with a low-cost, easily-managed and properly licensed Windows 7 experience. Learn more

  • E01
  • E02

These partners (ISVs*) develop and offer Windows MultiPoint Server-compatible software solutions designed for classrooms, computer labs, and libraries.

Partner Description
AB Consulting Logo

AB Tutor Control provides teachers and administrators with the tools they need to teach effectively with ICT. Optimized for Windows Multipoint Server 2011, AB Tutor Control gives educators full control of multi-user learning environments, enabling them to easily and dynamically manage and monitor classroom activities. Learn more

LanSchool Logo

LanSchool v7.4 classroom management software improves teacher effectiveness and student learning in a 21st century classroom equipped with Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. With LanSchool, teachers can easily remove distractions, demonstrate skills, monitor and assess student progress.
Learn more

NetSupport Logo

NetSupport School now includes support for Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. This solution helps teachers improve the efficiency of ICT teaching with its combination of advanced Student monitoring, management and collaborative tools.
Learn more

* Independent Software Vendors