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Organizational effectiveness is not only about your leadership team. It's often about processes - the ways that things have always been done. It's not surprising that this is one area that so many firms struggle with.

Organizational effectiveness is the extent to which your company is internally aligned to facilitate continuous improvement. It also encompasses a prudent balance between management stability and change leadership.

Key Questions
  • In your company, once you have used the key success factors to develop a healthy go-to-market strategy, how capable are you to execute that strategy?
  • Will reality follow all your planning?
  • How can your firm most effectively bring value-added applications and services to market?
  • Are you prepared to make the changes needed to facilitate this?
Organizational effectiveness has the ability to affect the other seven key success factors, either positively or negatively. Because it can have such an impact across the other key success factors, and because research has repeatedly shown that an organization is only as strong as its weakest of the key success factors, honest self-evaluations of your standing on this key success factor is often challenging.
To help assess your company’s effectiveness in each of the key success factors, you can use the marketing fitness test on the next page. The scorecard will help you honestly evaluate your marketing skills and provides specific recommendations on how you can improve your marketing effectiveness.