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NTC Contracting

Microsoft Exchange proves hosted email savings aren't just for big business

* We migrated to Hosted Exchange over a weekend. Our team didn’t even notice – UberGlobal simply migrated them across and away they went. *

Jason Varcoe,
Managing Director,
NTC Contracting


Business Needs
With teams working in remote Western Australia, NTC Contracting relies on email to keep everyone in sync. However, in just a few years the company had grown from four email users to 20, putting strain on NTC’s existing email solution. Frequent outages disrupted communication and tied up business leaders in time-wasting troubleshooting, taking a toll on productivity. It was also becoming more and more expensive to pay contractors to make service calls in remote locations whenever something went wrong.

Managing Director Jason Varcoe decided it was time to retire the company’s ageing email server and move to cloud-based email. After evaluating hosted email solutions from Microsoft and Google, NTC chose Microsoft. “We felt Google was more consumer oriented whereas Microsoft seemed to be more focused on business customers like us,” says Jason Varcoe. “And we already use Microsoft solutions so it was a natural next step.”

Jason Varcoe decided to move to a hosted Microsoft Exchange solution. He wanted to work with a local partner to deliver the solution, ensuring NTC’s data was stored compliantly in Australia. In May 2013, he approached Microsoft partner UberGlobal to discuss NTC’s requirements. Three days later the company’s new hosted email solution was up and running.

UberGlobal arranged seamless transfer of NTC’s existing Active Directory, allowing employees to use the same secure log-in credentials to access their online Exchange inbox and other Microsoft services that NTC chooses to introduce in future. Deployment went smoothly, with minor integration issues fixed in hours.

“We migrated to hosted Exchange over a weekend,” says Jason Varcoe. “Our team didn’t even notice – UberGlobal simply migrated them across and away they went.”


A more productive team. With hosted Exchange offering reliable online access to email, contacts, calendars and tasks from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops, it’s now far simpler for NTC’s remote work force to get the job done and stay in touch with colleagues, wherever they’re working. Email disruptions are a thing of the past. “I don’t have to deal with troubleshooting emails or the server any more,” says Jason Varcoe. “It’s freed up a lot of my time. It just works.”

More reliable, cost-efficient ICT. NTC’s ICT infrastructure is now much more stable and simpler to manage. There’s no longer any need to manage email servers – including updates, security, backups and archiving – or to pay IT contractors to fix server problems or set up virtual private networks to enable employees in remote locations to access email.

Automated privacy, security and backup. Hosted Exchange provides enterprise-grade integration via Microsoft Active Directory, keeping everyone’s emails secure and accessible on multiple devices while protecting them with advanced backup and disaster recovery. With all data stored in UberGlobal’s Australian data centres, access to email is swift and compliance with local data privacy rules effortless.

24/7 support. UberGlobal’s hosted Exchange solution is backed by a 24/7 Australian call centre, so in the unlikely event of an outage NTC can have confidence that help is just a phone call away.

Room to grow. As the company expands, it’s simple to add new email users to its hosted Exchange solution. And with UberGlobal providing powerful Microsoft software and server infrastructure on demand, NTC can continue to draw on extensive technical expertise and the latest cloud-based solutions to help boost efficiency and drive down cost in future.

You can visit the UberGlobal website at  www.uber.com.au

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 80 employees

Organization Profile
NTC Contracting is a Western Australian earthmoving, road and civil construction company founded in 1990. NTC now employs 80 people to undertake civil construction projects at distances of up to 500 kilometres from its Onslow headquarters using a modern fleet of earthmoving plant, heavy haulage trucks, trailers and road trains.

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