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ASL Napoli 2 Nord

Local Health Authority Chooses Microsoft Integrated Communication Tools

The Unified Communication project will enable estimated savings of over € 850,000 per annum, generated by lower staff movement costs and reduced telecommunication expense. In addition, it is estimated that the initial investment will be recovered within 12 months.

Business Needs

Improve collaboration and services for citizens
To promote collaboration among approximately 3,500 staff, the ASL launched a Unified Communication project and opted to use Microsoft Exchange and Lync during the transfer of its telecommunication network to VoIP. This unified all the methods of corporate communication and allowed a more collaborative approach to work, through high definition video, online meetings, schedule sharing, and social network functions such as status updates and activity feeds.

* Thanks to the Microsoft integrated communication platform, ASL Napoli hopes to optimize communication between various offices, making productivity gains and reducing costs. *

Imma Orilio
Napoli 2 ASL

The project started with the restructuring of the telecommunications network through the replacement of switchboards and obsolete equipment. The adoption of VoIP technology was in line with the ongoing investment in the web.

The test stage involved District 41 which consists of 5 municipalities, 300 staff, and 250 telephone positions. When fully implemented, the project will involve all the ASL’s 100 offices.

“Thanks to the Microsoft integrated communication platform, ASL hopes to optimize all the methods of communication between various offices, making productivity gains and reducing costs. We have chosen Microsoft as the ideal partner in this innovative project because of the high level of integration with existing applications, the wealth of functions offered and the competitiveness of the solutions”, said Imma Orilio, CIO of ASL Napoli 2 Nord.

“Thanks to more effective collaboration and sharing of information among staff, it will also be possible to improve the service for citizens, offering real-time information through our portal, facilitating communication between citizens and medical staff via email, and being able to guarantee a better on-call service for medical staff who can be reached wherever and whenever through integrated communication solutions”.


Microsoft platform for unified communication
The process followed by ASL Napoli 2 Nord to renew its older, technology and obsolete telecommunications network, involved an update of the whole infrastructure and related equipment, extending Wi-Fi coverage to all the ASL’s offices and improving connectivity.

Since it is necessary to manage an average of 400 calls per day across the various offices and 50 meetings per week, each of which sees on average the involvement of 5 members of staff, the ASL needed to reduce both mobile and fixed-line phone costs and the costs of the staff movements from one office to another, (based on a distance that can vary between 10 and 70 km), which represented an enormous waste of time.

ASL Napoli 2 decided, to change in order to optimize the methods of communication between its offices.

In light of their problems and requirements, the decision was made to introduce a Unified Communication & Collaboration system based on Microsoft technology. For the pilot stage Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync solutions were implemented, initially involving around 250 employees of the local health structure. In this stage, the ASL’s IT department provided training sessions to enable users to become familiar with the new technologies. The classroom-based lessons were replicated online, both in order to limit costs and to guarantee access to training at any time and for all employees.


The ASL will save over 850,000 per annum
With a view to creating greater knowledge and awareness of the benefit of these solutions, NetConsulting, an ICT consulting company, undertook a research study to assess the impact of the solution on the ASL.

Thanks to the introduction of a Unified Communication and Collaboration system, ASL Napoli 2 Nord estimates that it will save around € 130,000 on the phone system as a whole.

The introduction of VoIP technology for internal communications in the organization will produce savings of around € 200,000 per annum on phone traffic costs.

Further savings can be achieved thanks to the opportunity to organize virtual/remote meetings, reducing costs in terms of time and money for staff movements. Considering the average cost of staff movements per meeting, the saving produced by the UC & C solution is around € 96,000 per annum.

The recovery of the man-hours wasted in physical movements generates an overall saving of € 432,000, i.e. € 2,587 per manager per annum.

The Napoli 2 Nord ASL can, therefore, expect a total reduction in costs estimated at around € 858,000 per annum and it is forecast that the initial investment will be recovered in around 12 months.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 3500 employees

Organization Profile

ASL Napoli 2 Nord supplies healthcare services to over 1.350.000 citizens in an area comprising 32 municipalities, through 13 healthcare districts and 5 hospitals.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Lync Server
  • Microsoft Exchange Server

Vertical Industries
  • Health Provider
  • Public Sector
  • Health
  • Local Government Agencies