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Draft FCB Ulka

Advertising Firm Gains Efficiency, Increases Productivity using Office 2010

Draft FCB Ulka Group’s success depends on the ability of its employees to work together efficiently and provide the most cost-effective and innovative solutions to its clients. With more than 100 clients, boosting efficiency and productivity is always a priority. By deploying Microsoft Office 2010, Draft FCB Ulka Group has significantly improved productivity and fostered innovative ways of working together. The team now develops more compelling presentations and transforms massive amounts of data into actionable information resulting not just in increased productivity but also increased client satisfaction.

Draft FCB Ulka Deplys Office 2010
* We expect a substantial amount of time saved and better quality work by just effective usage of Office 2010. *

Ritu Madbhavi
Senior Vice President – IT
Draft FCB Ulka Group



The Draft FCB Ulka Group provides communication solutions in India. The company, a subsidiary of Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc., founded in 1961, is based in Mumbai, India with offices in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi and Kolkata, India.

In the advertising business, data management and analysis is a pivotal activity for the company. However, managers found that they spent more time filtering and organizing data and less time analyzing it than they would like. They had to manually extract and compile pertinent data from multiple spreadsheets, which was difficult and time-consuming.

In addition, creating professional-looking documents for clients was a frustrating and time-consuming process. It often required

costly third-party applications to produce the results that the company expected - a task Draft FCB Ulka Group wanted to avoid.

Until now, the company had been using Microsoft Office 2007. However, it became clear to Draft FCB Ulka Group that it needed to find more efficient, effective ways to perform business-critical tasks, work together and simplify the creation of professional-looking images in client facing documents. To provide its employees the latest and the most advanced tools available, the company needed to update its productivity environment.


The Draft FCB Ulka Group found its solution in Microsoft Office 2010, a powerful suite of applications that gave them all of the tools and capabilities they had been seeking. The new applications simplified everyday tasks by giving users dynamic new ways to work together, more effective ways to communicate, and more innovative ways to manage and organize projects.

Draft FCB Ulka Group conducted sessions by Dr. Nitin Paranjape, renowned productivity expert, to understand the full potential of Microsoft Office 2010. As he explains, “It is not just the new features in Microsoft Office 2010 that help in increasing productivity, but the optimal usage of the complete suite that result in enhanced organizational productivity.”

By deploying Microsoft Office 2010, the company has significantly reduced the amount of time spent analyzing data and creating documentation. PowerPivot, a free add-in to Microsoft Excel 2010 is being extensively used to process millions of rows of data and allows users to combine multiple data sets. “We’re making our teams more self-sufficient,” says Ritu Madbhavi, Senior Vice President – Information Technology, Draft FCB Ulka Group. “We are also achieving deeper business insight and shorter decision cycles.”

Important data trends can be highlighted in seconds using the Sparkline feature. It can be used as tiny charts that fit in a cell to visually summarize trends alongside data. Because Sparkline shows trends in a small amount of space, they are especially useful for dashboards or other places where you need to show a snapshot of your business in an easy-to-understand visual format.

In addition, Office 2010 is helping teams to create stunning visuals within applications. This enables them to work more effectively and respond to customers faster. Improved audiovisual features in PowerPoint 2010 such as transitions, video editing and embedding and advanced picture editing, help teams to easily add animation, capture pictures, and integrate video. It communicates ideas in a visually rich format.

Additionally, the company is also using the Broadcast feature of PowerPoint, which creates a link that is shared with other people. Anyone using the link can watch the slide show during the broadcast. This feature helps those employees who are not physically present to attend the presentation. They can attend the presentation on the move without installing any third party tools or clients.

To make managing and analyzing a group of related data easier, the company is using Excel tables extensively. Once a raw data set is selected as an Excel table, it automates and makes it easier to add data, extend formulas to new cells. Also, the sheet looks smart and professional. Moreover, tasks such as sort, filter, use formulas etc., become faster, simpler and error free.

Outlook Social Connector makes it easier for employees to stay updated with contacts. “The critical success factor in our business is the relationships we build with customers and partners; with Outlook Social Connector we are able to stay on top of our contacts, including partners and customers, more easily.” says Ritu. “This means our relationships and our business are stronger.”

Ritu continues, “I can instantly see my contact's latest updates in the social media space. This feature enables me to be more in-touch with my clients and contacts while in conversation. In fact, I do not even need to navigate away from the message being read, to know what the latest is.”

An enhanced Microsoft SharePoint Workspace enables users to create and edit documents while automatically synchronizing changes, eliminating the need to track and manage multiple versions of a document.

“Office 2010 is faster, more intuitive and reliable than any software we have used. It is helping us create more opportunities to strengthen our competitive edge,” says Niteen Bhagwat, Executive Director, Draft FCB Ulka Group. He continues, “We expect a potential yearly saving of 8,595 person-days with the effective usage of Office 2010.”

* Earlier creating professional looking presentations required expensive 3rd party tools or needed to outsource. Now, with photo and video editing tools within Office, the turnaround time has reduced and cost of 3rd party tools is also saved. *

Ritu Madbhavi
Senior Vice President – IT
Draft FCB Ulka Group


With Microsoft Office 2010, Draft FCB Ulka Group found the solution it had been looking for; and is thrilled with the benefits it is experiencing.

Enriched Presentations

The enhanced photo and video editing tools available in PowerPoint 2010 empower employees to create stunning presentations without relying on costly third-party applications that impede efficiency and increase operating costs.

Employees are also using the Animation Painter feature, which makes multiple animation effects in a presentation simple to adapt. Once they create the timing and transition, they can keep copying and pasting it across several slides and objects. It is a great productivity enhancer. The use of animation effect option, an in-built presentation aid, saves time that would have otherwise required manual effort to draw the attention to the data under discussion.

Enhanced Data Management
By using the PowerPivot add-in of Excel 2010, users can manipulate massive data sets with lightning speed and find the information they need in seconds. With PowerPivot, you can import millions of rows of data from multiple data sources into a single Excel workbook, create relationships between heterogeneous data, create calculated columns and measures using formulas, build PivotTables and Pivot Charts, and then further analyze the data so that you can make timely business decisions.

According to James D’Souza, Senior Manager - IT, Draft FCB Ulka Group, "PowerPivot allows us to utilize smart, easy-to-integrate tools in a security-enhanced environment. As a result, we make more informed decisions and can quickly deliver more innovative and mature business offerings for our clients.”

Improved Analysis
The critical success factor for Draft FCB Ulka Group is the relationships with its customers and partners. The company stores all details of its contacts in Excel spreadsheets, which have become very complex over time. “Analyzing data and transferring the same into actionable information was not a fool proof process,” says Ritu. “We were not always sure if the data in the spreadsheet was correct. Now, with Excel tables we can easily manage and analyze a group of related data. We can customize reports and manipulate information on the fly, which is a huge timesaver for us.”

Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 gives your people powerful, timesaving tools to do their best work from more places. With new capabilities and insightful updates to Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook, Office 2010 offers the complete package—with familiar, intuitive tools. Now you can express ideas, solve problems, connect with people and create amazing results—in the office, at home, or on the go.

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For more information about Draft FCB Ulka Advertising Pvt. Ltd. products and services call +91 22 66664550 or visit the Web site at: http://draftfcb.com

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 700 employees

Organization Profile

Founded in 1961, Draft FCB Ulka Group provides advertising services and today is one of India's leading agencies.

Business Situation

Draft FCB Ulka Group needed a better way for employees to work together, create professional presentations, and improve business analysis.


Draft FCB Ulka Group deployed the Microsoft Office 2010 suites to take advantage of collaboration capabilities and document management. It also gained advanced editing capabilities for richer presentations, and enhanced sharing and analysis tools.


  • Enriched presentations
  • Enhanced data management
  • Improved analysis

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Microsoft Office 2010 Suites

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