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Lowe Lintas

Attaining New Levels of Productivity and Efficiency

Lowe Lintas is one of India’s leading advertising agencies. It has a community of award winning talent that provides advertising and branding solutions to a host of corporate houses across various industry verticals.

Pravin Savant, Chief Technology Officer, Lowe Lintas shares “Companies continually seek new ways to help employees get more done in less time. However, we do observe underutilization of features in the base applications like MS Office, due to which the true potential of the existing IT setup is not fully realized.”

At Lowe Lintas we want tools which our employees can use in the office to support the highly collaborative work styles of our workplace. Tools, that allow people to work simultaneously on the same document, data, information; to share ideas; tools that provide an easier way to create and share large presentations and analyze business performance.

“We were eager to find a new and better way to conduct office tasks that would streamline daily processes, improve speed and efficiency, and boost overall performance,” remarks Pravin.

Business Productivity at its Best

Lowe Lintas decided to conduct training sessions for its employees to understand the full potential of existing Microsoft Office applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Dr Nitin Paranjape- Max office and Microsoft India helped organize these customized sessions for various functionaries. These sessions received excellent feedback from the business users across all functions and levels. During these sessions, it also gave an opportunity to discuss and explore about Office 2010.

From the versatility of Microsoft Word 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 to the efficiency of Microsoft Excel 2010 and Outlook 2010 to the collaborative features of Microsoft OneNote 2010, attendees were impressed with the features “Our teams should easily be able to relate to how the enhanced tools in Office 2010 would help them to create stunning documents quickly and cost-effectively,” explains Pravin.

Some features that can dramatically change productivity of all users include:

  • The improved Navigation Pane will make moving around and rearranging complex documents extremely easy. Now people can spend zero time in scrolling and maximum time in reading.

  • OneNote 2010 has terrific features and is ideal to maintain corporate-wide communication link

  • PowerPoint 2010 has feature to edit, cut, and crop video files & embed in a presentation

  • Outlook 2010 has the conversation trail in which helps navigating through relevant mails, and helps ensure responses are quick and efficient

  • Quick Steps simplifies repetitive tasks; Users can create notice repetitive actions and create Quick Steps. Once this is done, significant time saving can be achieved.

Enriched Presentations

“It will immensely help enhance the effectiveness of a marketing pitch,” comments Pravin Savant. He adds, “For example, the PowerPoint 2010 video features are truly revolutionary. Anyone who has struggled with inserting videos in older versions will find Nirvana in PowerPoint 2010. Videos can be maneuvered as easily as shapes. No third party tools are required for trimming, color correction, cropping and so on. I can even bookmark key points in a video for easy stop-and-start functionality, which means that we can now do an all-video demo within PowerPoint 2010. 

“Additionally, the PowerPoint Broadcast feature is also extremely useful. I can send a link to a presentation that allows recipients to view the presentation in real-time from their Web browser, whether or not they have PowerPoint installed. This makes it easier for all team members to participate in meetings and decision making,” says Pravin.

Better Collaboration Across the Company
The biggest aid to daily business would be the improvements in collaboration and networking. Employees can better organize and share information by using OneNote 2010. As Pravin Savant remarks, “OneNote 2010 will enable employees to share information by sorting it into project folders, clearly organizing the materials and facilitating communication between team members. It will definitely save us time by giving us a quick and easy way to store all information.”

Solution Overview

Organization Size: 900 employees

Organization Profile
Lowe Lintas, one of India’s top advertising agencies, believes the greatest service it can render is the power of a high value idea. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, it inculcates advertising, media buying house, direct marketing, public relations, design consultancy, market research, events, rural communications and interactive communications.

Software and Services
  • Microsoft Office 2010 Suites
  • Microsoft Office Powerpoint Technologies

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Business Need
  • Business Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Mobility

IT Issue
Hosted Messaging and Collaboration