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Systems Integrator Uses Partner Program to Boost Revenue by $180,000 per Customer

Wortell, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, is known for providing innovative solutions to its customers. As part of this commitment, it sought to offer customers the latest technologies and best service. By joining the Microsoft Services Premier Support for Partners program, Wortell can extend support, assess implementations, and get advanced training, which helps it to enhance productivity, ensure customer confidence, and grow revenues.

Business Needs
Located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Wortell is a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with multiple Gold and Silver competencies that uses Microsoft technologies to provide services to corporate and enterprise customers. The company is known as a key innovator in deploying strategic implementations based on emerging solutions. “Our mission is to help customers get the latest technology that will accelerate their businesses,” says Danny Burlage, President and CEO of Wortell. “We believe that a customer who is using the newest technology can work more productively. That’s the bottom line.”

In 2009, Wortell changed its focus from solely technology to provide more comprehensive business solutions that are based on technology. The company concentrates on three solution areas: unified communications, productivity solutions, and Windows platform solutions. Currently, deployments of Microsoft Office 365—a cloud service available by subscription—represent 60 percent of its projects. “We focus on what our customers can do with Office 365,” says Burlage. “To meet our customers’ needs, we lead with the cloud because it’s the future.”

The company endeavors to make sure customers receive new technology as soon as it is available, and Wortell customers expect the company to have deep expertise in all Microsoft technologies. “Our customers view Wortell as a trusted advisor,” says Burlage. “They rely on us to make sure their IT environments work so that they can run their businesses.”

Wortell provides customers with both managed services and escalation support. To meet its commitments, it needs scalability to assign resources. “We are a small company,” says Burlage. “We need Microsoft support for situations where either we lack knowledge, or when our consultants are otherwise engaged.”

Since 2010, Wortell has participated in the Microsoft Services Premier Support for Partners program, which provides the company with 24-hour a day support for 312 Microsoft technologies, extensive training opportunities, and tools for delivering the highest quality service to customers. “By joining the Premier Support for Partners program, we broadened our skill set and introduced
* Any partner that uses Premier Support for Partners will provide better service to its customers. The program extends our
130-person organization with thousands and thousands of experts.

Danny Burlage
President and CEO, Wortell

flexibility into business planning,” says Burlage. “In the areas where we lack expertise, we can rely on Microsoft to become an extension of our organization.”

Wortell was recently in a compete situation with a large technology company to provide a productivity solution for a large floral distributor. “We asked Microsoft engineers to help us deliver a proof of concept in two days and they met the challenge,” says Burlage. “Because of Microsoft support, we closed the deal for an Office 365 deployment of 15,000 users.”

In another instance, Wortell was building an infrastructure for a customer and it ran into complications. Wortell identified the problem, but the customer disagreed with its assessment. The customer gave Wortell a two-week deadline to fix the problem—or it would migrate to the competitor’s solution. Wortell requested a Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) from Microsoft to confirm its diagnosis of the customer’s environment. “When we have Microsoft perform a RAP, we can quickly provide the customer with a report from a trusted third party,” says Burlage.

Wortell consults with Microsoft engineers on solution validations and architectural reviews for large and complex projects. The company also continually trains its staff on the latest technologies through the Premier Support for Partners program. When it migrates a customer to cloud services, for example, it validates its deployment approach by taking part in workshops available only to partners. “Microsoft frequently delivers a peer review of our proposed implementations,” says Burlage. “If a Microsoft engineer approves of a business-critical project, our customers tend to think of that as a quality seal.”

Wortell uses the support that it receives from Microsoft Services Premier Support for Partners to develop business, manage services, and address escalations. This helps the company to focus on improving its business by growing revenue, enhancing productivity, and improving sales. “Any partner that uses Premier Support for Partners will provide better service to its customers,” says Burlage. “The program extends our 130-person organization with thousands and thousands of experts.”

Increases Revenue
By using Premier Support for Partner resources, such as solution validations, Wortell can assure customers that all contingencies have been explored before engaging in a project. “The opportunity to identify areas that need attention means more revenue for us,” says Burlage. “Whenever we do a risk assessment, we win between 50 and 150 extra days of work. Each work day is valued at [US]$1,200. That amounts to a revenue increase of between $60,000 and $180,000 per customer.”

Improves Productivity
Through the Premier Support for Partners program, Wortell consultants continually update their skills. Plus, with the backing of Microsoft experts, Wortell avoids interrupting employees to address escalation issues. “Without Microsoft support, each employee would probably spend a day each month solving unplanned problems,” says Burlage. “With Premier Support for Partners, we realize at least a 5 percent productivity gain.”

Accelerates Sales
Wortell customers have a sense of security that the company accredits to the Premier Support for Partners program. “It’s important to our customers that there is a whole army of people behind us who can help whenever they need assistance,” says Burlage. “In the end, it’s about customer retention. The Premier Support for Partners program gives us an insurance policy. We know we can address customers’ needs in a timely way, with confidence.”

Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services is a global team of professionals who are dedicated to helping customers maximize the value of their investment in Microsoft software. Microsoft Services touches customers more than 715 million times a year, helping them plan, deploy, support, and optimize our technologies. They also work closely with Microsoft Partners by sharing their technological expertise and product knowledge on a regular basis.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 130 employees

Partner Profile
Founded in 1997, Wortell is a systems integrator and has been a member of the Microsoft Partner Network since 1998. The company was recognized as Microsoft Services Premier Support Partner of the Year for 2012 at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference.

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