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Hexaware Technologies

IT Services Firm Pulls Mission-Critical Data from Disparate Sources, Gains Business Insight in Real Time

Founded in 1990, Hexaware Technologies, an IT Services company has been using technology not just to improve business processes but also to showcase how the cutting-edge technologies can benefit organizations. A key challenge that many companies face today is storage, analysis and reporting from massive data generated by each organization. Hexaware is no different. To showcase how to cut the time-consuming, cumbersome, and error-prone reports, the company consolidated all functionality and data into easy-to-use dashboards based on employees’ roles using Microsoft Business Intelligence solution. It facilitates data reporting and consolidation and enables richer data analysis. Now, with fast and easy access to meaningful information, the organization is not only saving time and ensuring data integrity but also improving productivity and getting the 360° view of the business it needs to make informed decisions.

* Our managers can better prepare their analyses and investigations to see where they are going off budget or why the targets are not being met. With this kind of insight, we can steer the business more intelligently *

Nataraj N
Chief Information Officer
Hexaware Technologies


Hexaware is a global provider of IT and Process outsourcing services. It focuses exclusively on maximizing client returns from outsourcing and off shoring. With 6500+ employees, the company’s experience in the business process outsourcing arena fully complements and strengthens its service spectrum and allows it to operate as an enterprise-class solution delivery company.

Hexaware has a client base comprising several Global 1000 organizations. The company's onsite/offshore delivery model provides significant cost savings. Its development centers are assessed at SEI CMMI-Level 5, and are also ISO 9001:2000 and TickIT certified. Hexaware today maintains seven state-of-the-art development centers - four in India and one each in Germany, USA and Mexico, and 33 offices in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

“At Hexaware we pore over data from all of our locations to measure performance, improve operations, and plan and budget for the future,” says Saravanan Viswanathan, Head - Internal Systems, Hexaware. “Doing so we were facing challenges common to companies that work with a lot of data, such as integrating disparate data sources and seeking to do our analyses as quickly as possible.”

The existing system no longer delivered the functionality required by decision makers. The company wanted to extend employees’ reporting and analysis tools and enhance their access to accurate information. Getting the right data to the right people at the right time was the need of the hour.

To meet these challenges, the company knew that they needed a better approach to business intelligence. “We wanted a solution that our managers could use to access business data on a timelier basis so that they could make more proactive, on-target decisions about the business,” says Saravanan Viswanathan.


Hexaware chose to implement a business intelligence (BI) solution from Microsoft that would give the company a single repository of financial data and an easy way of reporting from it. “A Microsoft solution provides one-stop shopping for all our business intelligence needs,” says Saravanan Viswanathan. “It has both the functionality and scalability we need.”

With the help of Microsoft Consulting Services, Hexaware implemented a business intelligence solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010. SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, which is a server-based report-generation software system, was used for report generation.

Hexaware built a range of role-based integrated dashboards that would provide senior management and other business users with the ability to gather, review, and drill down on business unit utilization data, eliminating the need for manually created performance reports. This would provide real time reports to executives regarding revenue forecasts and utilization so that management could plan accordingly.

To make it simple and faster, all the dashboards were done in SQL Server Reporting Services and hosted in SharePoint / other portals. The data from various applications including Peoplesoft Financials, HRMS, Microsoft CRM and various other custom-built applications were synchronized or consolidated through SQL Server Integration Services and other custom-built integration services.

Until now, the finance team was wasting time putting together and reconciling numbers. The Financial Analytics dashboard simplified and automated the consolidation process. Executive and accounting teams now have all the project metrics in a single, unified view. In addition, they are confident that information is up-to-date, consistent, and accurate. “With the consolidated data, we have a full picture of what’s going on in our company and in a couple of quarters, it will become the way of reporting in all the locations,” says Saravanan Viswanathan. “We now have complete insight into financial transactions, down to the most detailed level.”

The BI solution has a direct bearing on profitability and revenue. Earlier when data was not readily available, there was a delay in taking actions. In a true business sense, this meant loss of opportunity. Now with the Revenue Management dashboard, Hexaware has live information with 90 to 95 percent accuracy. The ability to interact with the team will enhance to an extent that there will not be any surprises in terms of revenue projections.

The HR dashboard is helping in optimizing resource utilization. All critical HR information is now available at a single location. Earlier the Resource Management Group (RMG) Head used to create a report on a weekly basis, which was then circulated to management teams. Only when a Resource Requisition (RR) was raised from various groups, the HR department used to start the resourcing process. Now, RR is based on the pipeline health. Also, resource projection is done based on the pipeline from CRM and thus reaction time for resource mobilization against demand has reduced considerably.

Thanks to the BI solution, Hexaware’s accounting staff is saving massive amounts of time. “Before we implemented the BI solution, it used to be an extremely time-consuming process to generate key reports to senior management,” explains Nataraj N, CIO, Hexaware. “What used to take 20 days can now be done in 10 days and is going to become more online as other processes improve.”

The BI solution provides Hexaware with a suite of interoperable technologies that gathers data from the company’s systems, creates customized reports and dashboards for analysis and drill-down, and makes reports available to employees. Hexaware’s executives couldn’t be happier with the new solution. It gives exactly what’s needed to make smart operational decisions.

* Before we implemented the BI solution, it used to be an extremely time-consuming process to generate key reports to senior management. What used to take 20 days can now be done in 10 days and is going to become more online as other processes improve. *

Nataraj N
Chief Information Officer
Hexaware Technologies


Hexaware is using its Microsoft business intelligence solution to gain unparalleled visibility into the business so that it can compete in a tough economy. Access to real-time utilization dashboards, maximizes performance and employee productivity. It also enables executives to make better and timelier decisions without waiting for a report to be generated.

Analytical Dashboards with 95 Percent Accuracy

Hexaware executives now have a timely, accurate picture of performance at the company level, the project level, and even the resource level. According to Nataraj N, “With manual reconciliation, we never had the true picture of data. So our projections were not accurate. Now that we have a true view of data, we can plan better. We have removed surprises from forecasts.”

Live Information, 360° View of Data

The BI solution helps to pull mission-critical data from disparate sources. The company now has one financial repository and an easy-to-use mechanism for accessing that data. “With a single interface it is easier for executives to drill-down to individual group’s performance,” says Nataraj N. “Our managers can better prepare their analyses and investigations to see where they are going off budget or why the targets are not being met. With this kind of insight, we can steer the business more intelligently.”

Better Decisions from Trusted Data

The solution provides clear insight into business status needed to enable better decision making. For example, in the middle of the month, executives can get to see the revenue or the current status of the targets. This was not possible earlier as data was not accurate and projections to the next quarter were based on assumptions. “Today, dashboards give us insight on a real-time basis,” explains Nataraj N. “As a result, we can respond faster to problems and spot opportunities sooner. With better information at hand, executives are making intelligent, fact-based, sound decisions.”

Reduces Manual Dependency

Managers and executives no longer need to spend exorbitant amount of time to compile, merge, and verify data across spreadsheets. They now get information more quickly than before as they are less dependent on the IT staff to generate reports. “Our BI dashboard is easy to use, and managers can use it proactively rather than waiting for information to be given to them,” says Nataraj N.

Microsoft Business Intelligence

For more information about Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions, go to:

www.microsoft.com/biFor More Information

For more information about Microsoft products and services, call the Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-2495. Customers in the United States and Canada who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to:


For more information about Hexaware Technologies products and services, visit the web site at: www.hexaware.com

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 6500 employees

Organization Profile

Hexaware is a leading global provider of IT and BPO services, focusing on delivering real business results from technology solutions.

Business Situation

Hexaware needed timely, detailed reports, which were currently costing too much in IT time and maintenance. In addition, manually manipulated data did not provide the visibility needed to take timely business decisions.


Hexaware implemented Microsoft Business Intelligence solution, which facilitates data consolidation and analysis. The solution, which features dashboards, brings all data into a single source system and communicates up-to-date information to the financial staff and executives.


  • Analytical dashboards with 95 percent accuracy
  • Live information, 360° view of data
  • Better decisions from trusted data
  • Reduces manual dependency

Software and Services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Vertical Industries
IT Services


Business Need
  • Business Intelligence and Reporting
  • Business Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Financial Management