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eHouse Informationstechnologie

IT Provider Frees Up Time for Consulting with Cloud-Based PC Management

eHouse Informationstechnologie wanted to proactively monitor and manage customer PCs. By offering Windows Intune, a cloud-based PC management and security service, eHouse has reduced PC management time and freed up more time to spend on revenue-generating consulting projects. With a central view of customer PCs, eHouse can address problems proactively and prevent failures. Customers are happier and appreciate the value provided by Windows Intune.

Business Needs
eHouse Informationstechnologie GmbH is an Austrian IT service provider and longtime member of the Microsoft Partner Network. The company was founded in 1996 and today has four employees that support more than 40 customers. It offers consulting for IT infrastructure, network integration, mobility solutions, customer relationship management, and Microsoft SharePoint services.

While eHouse wanted to focus on, and made more money from, consulting, its small staff spent an inordinate amount of time maintaining and managing customer PCs. “It didn’t matter if we were setting up a new PC, swapping out broken hardware, installing software, deploying security updates, or performing some other maintenance chore,” says Paul Scholda, Managing Director at eHouse Informationstechnologie. “All these activities were associated with lengthy maintenance periods that were time consuming for us and resulted in unproductive hours and extra expense for customers. Existing solutions, such as the Microsoft System Center data center solution, which provides efficient and proactive client monitoring, didn’t always make sense—business or technically—for our customers, who are mostly small and midsize companies.”

* Windows Intune really supports our focus on service and lets us proactively help our customers. We and our customers both win. *

Andreas Gusenbauer
Managing Director, eHouse Informationstechnologie

eHouse began looking for a way to proactively monitor and manage customer PCs to reduce maintenance costs for customers and give eHouse more time to spend on consulting projects.

eHouse liked the possibilities presented by cloud computing, whereby IT applications and services are delivered over the Internet. When attending the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in 2010, Scholda and fellow managing director Andreas Gusenbauer attended a presentation on the Windows Intune cloud-based PC management and security service. “We immediately saw the practicality of the client management tools and the business model behind Windows Intune,” says Gusenbauer. “We could see that it would give us a way to provide our customers with even better service.”

Windows Intune provided exactly what eHouse was missing from its offerings: a comprehensive, quickly deployed, cloud-based service that provided PC management and monitoring, virus protection, and asset inventory. It also included an upgrade to the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. “My first thought was that Windows Intune was really about offering our customers better service,” Gusenbauer says. “And that’s exactly what happened.”

eHouse started by deploying a beta version of Windows Intune for a few customers that were interested in the latest technology, while eHouse management worked out the details of a cloud computing business model. During this period, Microsoft was about to launch other cloud services, such as Microsoft Office365. “We realized pretty quickly that these kinds of services represented an excellent addition to our existing service offerings,” Gusenbauer says. “Every single customer that worked with the beta version of Windows Intune gave us really positive feedback.” He and Scholda decided to target Windows Intune to both existing and new customers.

eHouse analyzed its customers’ PC infrastructures and determined which ones would benefit from Windows Intune. It then provided a detailed presentation to them outlining the benefits of the service. By April 2011, more than half of eHouse customers were using Windows Intune.

By offering Windows Intune, eHouse Informationstechnologie has reduced PC management time, giving it more time to spend on revenue-generating consulting work. It has also gained and given customers a centralized view of PC health and improved customer satisfaction.

Reduce PC Management Time
Since using Windows Intune, eHouse has realized significant time savings in maintaining customer PCs. “Instead of the four to five hours we previously needed to deploy a new PC, we now need less than 30 minutes to deploy a PC using Windows Intune,” Scholda says. “The cost savings from just bringing up a new PC is alone a compelling reason to use the service.”

Spend More Time on Revenue-Generating Consulting Projects
With the time saved on PC maintenance, eHouse has more time to spend on revenue-generating consulting work. “Windows Intune really supports our focus on service and lets us proactively help our customers,” Gusenbauer says. “We and our customers both win. We have more time to take on new projects. I can honestly say that we make money with Windows Intune!”

Gain Centralized View of Customer PCs
By using Windows Intune, eHouse and its customers have a centralized view of PC health and software update status. For example, Windows Intune lets customers know immediately when a computer’s hard disk is full. This lets both the customer and eHouse be proactive in managing PCs rather than reacting to problems. “Instead of sending technicians out to customer sites to fix problems, we are able to avert problems by taking preventive action,” Scholda says. “Customers, too, like having the ability to see the status of all their PCs from a single console.”

Improve Customer Satisfaction
Gusenbauer and Scholda feel that Windows Intune is a perfect match for their service-oriented company. “Our customers were won over by Windows Intune very quickly,” Gusenbauer says. “They realized that for only €11 [US$14] per PC each month, they got a top-notch PC care package, complete with the latest operating system and virus protection. They also save on labor overhead, thanks to quick and automated software deployment, and they have an immediate overview of their PC inventory and health.”
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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 4 employees

Partner Profile

Vienna, Austria–based eHouse Informationstechnologie GmbH has four employees supporting 600 client computers for more than 40 customers. eHouse specializes in infrastructure solutions, network integration, mobility, customer relationship management, and Microsoft SharePoint services for small and midsize companies.

Software and Services
  • Windows Intune
  • Windows 7 Enterprise

Vertical Industries
  • Professional Services
  • IT Services


Business Need
  • Corporate Software Licensing
  • Identity and Security
  • Support and Services

IT Issue
  • Asset Management
  • Cloud Services
  • Software + Services