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pmOne GmbH

Microsoft® Customer pmOne Saves 3,700 Hours Annually with Windows® 7

Founded in 2007, Austria-based pmOne provides innovative Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions to around 200 companies. The company provides comprehensive consulting, planning, and ongoing support to help customers meet the complex challenges of today’s global marketplace. Although the company’s leaders believe that nothing is impossible given enough time, they recognize that rising economic concerns are pressuring employees, partners, and clients to get more done in less time - with minimum cost. They began to lookout for the most efficient, flexible and cost-effective technical solutions that would facilitate greater productivity and mobility for workers increasingly on-the-go. By deploying the Windows® 7 Professional Operating system, pmOne found the fast, reliable and effective solution it was seeking.


PmOne needed to find a way to speed up internal processes so it could boost employee productivity and dedicate more time to providing the high-quality customer service and innovative solutions it had become known for. Resuming systems from sleep mode would take several minutes, and core tasks like creating training manuals for consultants or installation guides for customers was time-consuming and labor-intensive.

* Windows 7 is much more than eye candy. It will help you accomplish more in less time – and you won’t want to go back. *
Michael Gfrorner,
IT Director, pmOne
Since the company sends consultants to work on customer sites, they relied on efficient, reliable laptop systems. But they often found that batteries would run out of power in just a few hours. Also, setting up new network environments meant scouring through lists of available connections to find the right one.

It became clear to pmOne that in order to accelerate everyday tasks and foster a more user-friendly mobile working environment, it would need to find a fast, intuitive and cost-efficient solution.


To make this vision a reality, pmOne turned to Windows 7 Professional. Designed with a more intuitive user-interface and faster core processes than previous systems, Windows 7 allows users to get more done in less time. As Brad Brooks, Corporate Vice President of Windows Consumer Product Marketing, points out, Windows 7 offers “…an improved user interface that should allow for faster boot and shut-down times; improved power management for enhanced battery life; and increased reliability, stability and security.”

By simplifying tasks like file searches, and improving system responsiveness, users no longer have to wait for their systems to respond – giving them more time to focus on crucial projects and strengthen customer relationships. Extended battery life and simplified network set ups facilitate greater flexibility for users who rely on their mobile systems when traveling to core business functions or setting up presentations. Combined, these improvements have allowed pmOne to significantly improve productivity and dedicate more time to developing robust solutions for its customers.


Speeding Up Core Processes
Faster start up and resume means users no longer have to wait several minutes for systems to respond – shaving off minutes of idle time each day. Users working with several documents simultaneously benefit from the easy-to-use features included with the Windows 7 Aero® enhancements. Users can use this feature to “snap” windows side-by-side to view several at once, or “peek” behind them to see what’s on the desktop.

“Overall, my PC runs much faster with Windows 7 than with previous systems and I use Aero enhancements like ‘snap’ and ‘peek’ all the time,” says Michael Gfrorner, IT Director of pmOne. “In fact, I wonder how I ever got by without these features.”

The Windows Desktop Search also helps users save significant amount of time. This search engine scans the PC, HomeGroup, network, or even the Internet to find what users are looking for – all they have to do is type a search phrase in the Instant Start Search box. “The Windows Desktop Search is so good, that I don’t even maintain a folder structure on my local drive anymore,” Gfrorner says.

Increasing Flexibility
For professionals who frequently travel to client offices for meetings or to provide consultative support, having efficient, reliable systems is crucial. With improved Power Management integrated with Windows 7, laptop batteries last longer so users can rely on their machines running for hours at a time. This energy-smart feature automatically shuts off components and applications that are not in use and employs adaptive screen display brightness to maximize energy usage. “Power Management is just great,” says Gfrorner. “This feature helps my machine run at least 20-30 minutes longer than it did when running previous systems.”

With Network Connection Wizard, users can connect to new network environments quickly and easily. Instead of displaying lists of potential connections from which users have to choose, this feature detects and connects to the right one instantly. “The Network Connection Wizard works perfectly,” said Gfrorner. “I only wish I had had this feature sooner!” he says with a smile.

Gfrorner is equally enthusiastic about the Mobility Center feature, which allows users to control all mobility settings, such as presentation settings, and extend desktop-to-mobile devices simply by pressing the Windows key + P. “I can’t tell you how helpful Mobility Center is,” Gfrorner says. “Simply put, I’ve been waiting for this feature since I started using laptops – and I’m extremely pleased that Windows 7 has made this a reality.”

Simplifying Resolution and Training
PmOne’s company leaders have seen a dramatic improvement to speed, reliability and productivity by using Windows 7. They have even found an unexpected way to help customers streamline software integration with Problem Steps Recorder, a new feature included with Windows 7. By taking screen-by-screen snapshots quickly and easily, this new feature not only helps resolve IT issues faster, but also assists in the creation of training manuals – a tool that pmOne relies on to train new consultants and show customers how to install new systems.

“Problem Steps Recorder is fantastic,” Gfrorner said. “It works perfectly for solving IT issues, but with the ability to take step-by-step screenshots, it is also perfect for creating manuals and training documents.”

Spreading the Word
With all the enhancements combined, Gfrorner suggests that other businesses turn to Windows 7 for improved performance and greater productivity. “I’ve already recommended Windows 7 to clients and business partners – but I’ve always given them a bit of advice,” he said. “It’s an attractive system with a great design, but don’t let its good looks fool you: Windows 7 is much more than eye candy. It will help you accomplish more in less time – and you won’t want to go back.”

Windows 7

Faster and more reliable: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anyway. You will be able to support your mobile work force with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies to enhance corporate IT security, data protection, and more efficient deployment and management.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 40 employees

Organization Profile

Austria-based pmOne provides leading BI and CPM Solutions to approximately 200 small- to medium-sized businesses across the region.

Business Situation

PmOne wanted to speed up core business functions and enhance mobility to foster greater productivity and continue providing leading solutions to its growing client base.


By deploying Windows 7 Professional, pmOne was able to accelerate everyday tasks and increase mobile flexibility, giving employees more time to get more done while strengthening customer relationships.

  • ~3,700 hours saved annually
  • Reduced downtime
  • Battery life extended ~10%
  • Increased mobile user flexibility

Software and Services
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 technologies
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