1-page Partner Solution Brief - Posted 7/15/2013
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Rackspace Hosting

Cloud Provider Gives Customers More Choices, Easier Account Access with App

“Our focus is making our customers happy. By using Windows 8 to provide them with a robust app interface to their Rackspace accounts, we increase customer convenience and save them time.”
—Cole Humphreys, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Rackspace

Business Needs
Rackspace prides itself on offering customers comprehensive cloud environments that support the latest technologies. As Rackspace worked with Microsoft to add support for the Windows Server 2012 operating system into the Rackpace cloud in mid-2012, the company also began investigating the ways it could take advantage of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system to help customers administer Rackspace accounts. “In the past, customers have managed accounts through a web-based control panel,” says Cole Humphreys, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Rackspace. “When we started looking at Windows 8, we saw an opportunity to strengthen our long-standing partnership with Microsoft and give customers an easy way to manage accounts and files with a Windows 8 app.”

Working with a partner for design support, Rackspace developed and released the Rackspace Cloud app for Windows 8. The app lets customers manage servers, files, load balancers, and other cloud assets from a tablet or PC. Rackspace used the robust Windows 8 feature set to add functionality not previously available in the web-based control panel. “Many of our customers have multiple accounts, and with the Windows 8 app, they can manage them all from a single logon,” says Humphreys. “The app lets you select multiple assets—like files or virtual servers—and modify or delete them in a single operation. That’s a big timesaver.”

The Rackspace Cloud app benefits both Rackspace and its customers.
  • Customers now have multiple convenient ways to manage accounts, whether they are working at a PC or on a mobile device, increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Rackspace will continue its collaboration with Microsoft to provide customers with leading-edge technology solutions.

  • By building a fully supported Windows 8 app, Rackspace continues to position itself as an industry thought leader and is prepared for continued business growth as Windows 8 adoption increases.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 4800 employees

Partner Profile

Rackspace, based in San Antonio, Texas, provides hybrid cloud infrastructures to 205,000 customers. Rackspace has nine worldwide data centers and is a four-time Microsoft Hosting Partner of the Year winner.

Software and Services
Windows 8

Vertical Industries
IT Services

United States

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Cloud & Server Platform

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Cloud Services