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RoseBud Technologies

IT Provider Doubles the Number of Customers with Cloud-Based PC Management Tools

RoseBud Technologies wanted to benefit from cloud computing and transition away from inefficient on-site support services for its customers. It used Windows Intune, a cloud-based PC management solution from Microsoft, to manage customers’ PCs from a web-based console. RoseBud reduced the cost of doing business by 10 percent, improved customer relationships, and reached more customers across the United States.

Business Needs
RoseBud Technologies differentiates its services by building and sustaining long-term customer relationships. Acting in a vendor-agnostic, purely consulting role, RoseBud works to understand customers’ business goals and helps them to create and maintain the right technology infrastructure for their businesses.

“Our focus on our customers has allowed us to become a trusted adviser, which enables us to add real value to their businesses through technology,” says Greg Treanor, Vice President of RoseBud Technologies.

Until recently, RoseBud had been a traditional managed service provider that scheduled regular, on-site support calls with clients close to its office in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. Many of its customers ran Windows Small Business Server, an on-premises server solution that helps protect client computers with regular backups and automatic updates. Because on-premises infrastructure requires on-site support, RoseBud was limited to doing business with local customers. The company’s support staff felt the hours that they spent in traffic detracted from more strategic consulting work, and customers didn’t like having to wait for help to arrive if there was a pressing incident.

“We always seemed to be in reactive mode,” says Treanor. “We tried a couple of third-party, remote PC management tools, but they were never satisfactory. We did use the PC monitoring and remote capabilities within Windows Small Business Server, but we still had to go on-site to handle hardware and ensure that critical Windows updates were installed on each customer’s server. We wanted to provide more agile, responsive service to build long-term customer relationships.”

When RoseBud Technologies heard about Microsoft cloud services, it immediately saw how this computing model could help it reach new, remote customers and boost revenue. It began suggesting that its customers subscribe to Windows Intune, a cloud-based service that delivers online PC management services such as software distribution and Microsoft updates, remote assistance, hardware and software tracking capabilities, and endpoint protection. RoseBud staff uses a simple, web-based Administration console in Windows Intune to remotely manage customers’ PCs through a standard Internet connection and using a browser running Microsoft Silverlight. The Windows Intune client software is installed on the managed PCs to return information about the PC to the Administration console.

* With Windows Intune, our customers can focus on what they do best, and so can we. It’s good for business when everyone wins. *

Greg Treanor
Vice President, RoseBud Technologies

“Windows Intune was a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing—reduced infrastructure costs, less time spent on IT to focus on the business, and flexible monthly subscriptions,” says Greg Wartes, Director of Marketing at RoseBud Technologies. “We felt these would be compelling benefits for our customers who would embrace cloud services and make Windows Intune an easy sell. We changed to a remote support model and have not looked back.”

RoseBud suggests Windows Intune in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365, a collection of cloud-based email, calendaring, collaboration, conferencing, and productivity solutions. “Mid-sized businesses want a cost-effective and flexible way to enable remote workers: Office 365 and Windows Intune complement each other. They come up in all our customer conversations, leading to cross-selling opportunities,” says Wartes.

RoseBud signed its first Windows Intune customer in April of 2011. Since then, it has acquired more than 117 customers—doubling its customer base —for Windows Intune, and they have licensed approximately 430 seats. “With Windows Intune, we can manage all these customers from the office and in real time,” says Treanor. “It’s an amazing new direction for the company.”

Since RoseBud Technologies began promoting Windows Intune, it has achieved the following benefits:
  • Reduced cost of doingbusiness bynearly 10percent.Now that RoseBud employees are no longer driving to customers’ sites to fulfill their support contracts, the company is saving thousands on gas and in employee travel time. “Using Windows Intune, we estimate that we can do three or four times the business with the same 10 staff members,” says Treanor. “Instead of accessing each client network individually, we can use the Windows Intune Administration console to perform simultaneous updates for all our clients.”

  • Reduced sales cycle. RoseBud reports that it’s not difficult to sell customers on Windows Intune. “Customers love that they don’t need to buy hardware,” says Treanor. “And we love that Windows Intune often proves itself during deployment, sending alerts and cleaning up customers’ machines of malicious software that they didn’t know they had.”

  • Created new revenueopportunities.With Windows Intune, customers’ computers are accessible through the Internet, helping RoseBud to win customers anywhere. The company has already acquired 15 new customers as far away as Alaska and Florida. Now RoseBud can use Windows Intune to provide PC management services to larger enterprises that have dispersed sales staff.

  • Improved customer service. Instead of wasting time driving to on-site visits, RoseBud staff can serve more customers more quickly over the Internet. The less time RoseBud spends on manual support tasks, the more time it can deliver business-enhancing consulting services to build customer relationships. “With Windows Intune, our customers can focus on what they do best, and so can we,” says Treanor. “It’s good for business when everyone wins.”

  • Increased competitive advantage.Since embracing cloud services, RoseBud has received industry recognition that is sure to resonate with customers. At the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada, in July 2012, RoseBud received the East Region General Manager Award. It is now a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate Partner and a Tier 3 Cloud Champion. “Microsoft cloud services have been a huge deal for our little business,” concludes Treanor.

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Solution Overview

Organization Size: 10 employees

Partner Profile

Founded in 1995, RoseBud Technologies is a family-owned IT consultancy that helps small to mid-sized businesses get more from their technology investments. It is based in Woodstock, Georgia.

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IT Services

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