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Facebook Special
January 11, 2013
App Snap
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Share interesting content with your Facebook friends from these 5 apps.
Shazam   Vimeo
Shazam   Vimeo
Just discovered a new tune? Shazam lets you identify the song and post it to your timeline.   If you love short videos and films, then you will enjoy Vimeo’scollection. Share the films you love.
New York Times   MSN   FML
NYTimes   MSN India Cricket   FML
New York Times believes in “All the news that is fit to click”. Always worth a read and often worth the share.   If cricket is your religion, then track the latest news in the sport and post important updates for your friends.   If you think you had a bad day, check FML. Lighten up and if you find a story worth sharing, go ahead.
AlphaJax AlphaJax
Marble Slalom Marble Slalom
Airplanes Airplanes
Facebook Lock Screen
Facebook for Windows Phone has the lockscreen and live tile feature, which is not available on any other platform. Personalize your lockscreen with photos from your Facebook albums and get notifications delivered up front.
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  Did you know that you can use voice-to-text to update your Facebook status? Watch this little video posted on the Windows Phone Blog.
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