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  • What is a local system builder?
    A local system builder is a local or regional entity that builds (or customizes) and sells PCs. Buying your PC with genuine Microsoft software from a local PC system builder can be of great value, from the personalized service and support one gets, to the BONUS PACKS one may enjoy.
  • What is the BONUS PACK offer?
    When you buy selected genuine Windows XP/ Windows Vista operating systems and use the Windows Genuine Advantage program to validate the software, you will also get the opportunity to take advantage of the BONUS PACK, comprising free gifts and discounts from participating sponsors.
  • How do I get a BONUS PACK?
    To get your BONUS PACK, you must:
    1. Purchase one of the following genuine Windows XP/ Windows Vista operating systems which is distributed by Microsoft Indonesia Authorized Distributors, with one of the part numbers listed further below:
      • Windows XP Home Edition
      • Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
      • Windows XP Professional
      • Windows Vista Starter
      • Windows Vista Home Basic
      • Windows Vista Home Premium
      • Windows Vista Business
      • Windows Vista Ultimate
    2. Purchase from a local system builder in Indonesia from 1 July 2007 to 30 September 2007.
    3. Validate the software using the Windows Genuine Advantage program.
    4. Redeem the BONUS PACK in Indonesia.
  • How can I tell if the copy of Windows that was installed on my computer is eligible for the BONUS PACK offer?
    The BONUS PACK offer is available only for genuine Windows XP/ Windows Vista operating systems which are distributed by authorized Microsoft distributors in Indonesia and purchased in Indonesia. The offer can only be redeemed in Indonesia. It is only valid for Windows Vista Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate editions or Windows XP Home, Media Center Edition 2005, Professional editions with one of the following part numbers:

    Windows XP
    N09-01428 N09-01887 E85-04178 E85-04650
    E85-04618 E85-04185 E85-04657 ZAT-00086
    ZAT-00087 M93-00235 E85-04949 E85-04929

    Windows Vista
    66J-02373 66J-02289 66G-00660 66G-00576
    66I-00715 66R-00765 66I-00788 66R-00838
    4CP-00433 ZAA-00397 ZAA-00418  
    The part number can be found on the lower left-hand corner of the Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity. Click here to see an image of the appropriate Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Why do I need to validate my copy of Windows to receive the offers?
    Validating your software confirms that you have acquired a license to genuine Windows XP/ Windows Vista operating system from a local system builder. Using genuine Windows XP/ Windows Vista software means that your system will deliver more productivity, integration, and the rich experiences you enjoy every day.

* Please note:

  • Value item choice depends on the Windows XP/ Windows Vista operating system purchased.
  • Items could be time-limited or while supplies last.
  • Additional restrictions may apply. See Terms and Conditions.

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