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Information for IT Developers
Not sure where to start when it comes to enhancing your IT Developer skills? This section will provide answers to common technical questions, provide useful Microsoft resources, and show you how you can get started in building a career as a successful Developer.
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New Developers
Experienced Developers
Microsoft .NET Developers
  New Developers  
If you're new to IT, explore these handy resources:
Computer programming fundamentals
Find out how the three-day Course 2667: Introduction to Programming can help you learn to develop software applications.
Get started with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET training
MSDN Training courses and Microsoft Press books allow you to construct the best combination of learning tools for your needs.
Decode technical jargon
These online information technology (IT) glossaries help you to understand technical jargon.
What is Microsoft .NET?
Need to learn more about Microsoft .NET technology and what it can do for you?
Microsoft Press books for IT Developers
Microsoft Press offers a comprehensive line of books for developing with Microsoft technologies.
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  Experienced Developers  
Upgrade your skills and career with these developer resources:
Take a complimentary Visual Studio .NET Skills Assessment
Microsoft Skills Assessments can evaluate your application-development skills using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.
Earn the latest version of the Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) credential, now reflecting .NET technologies.
Upgrade your skills with Visual Studio .NET training
Combine MSDN courses with Microsoft Press books to efficiently upgrade your skills.
Put your .NET skills to the test
The Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) for Microsoft .NET credential provides industry recognition for professional developers using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and XML Web services.
Complimentary online training and labs for .NET
Microsoft .NET Developer Jump Start sessions teach selected core skills for .NET Web and Microsoft Windows application development, using online seminars and hands-on labs to help you practice.
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  Microsoft .NET Developers  
Either start or continue learning about Microsoft .NET development today with these handy resources:
Take the next step in your career with .NET
Plan a career path aligned with your interests and experience, using the Microsoft .NET Developer Career Skills Road Map.
MCAD or MCSD: Choose the right one for you
As a developer, you can choose between two different credentials to highlight your .NET knowledge and expertise.
Sample .NET training
Download and evaluate sample modules from popular Microsoft training courses for developers.
Technical Webcasts for Developers
Watch complimentary, interactive technical Webcasts for Developers. All presenters are Microsoft subject matter experts.
Salaries rise for Microsoft Certified Professionals
ChannelMinds cites a recent report that shows salaries for Microsoft Certified Professionals are on the rise. Find out which areas of specialty are most in demand.

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