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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Overview

Published: June 26, 2006
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Microsoft Enterprise Agreement is a Microsoft Volume Licensing program for large organizations that have 250 or more desktop PCs. This cost-effective way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology helps your business standardize IT across the enterprise, simplifies license management, and provides maintenance benefits to help ensure that your company is more productive.

Benefits of Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise Agreement offers many benefits, including:

Volume discounts on the rights to the latest Microsoft enterprise products.

Additional products from the Volume Licensing product list, including desktop applications, server software, and server Client Access Licenses (CALs).

Amortized payments over a three-year term, with the option to renew with Microsoft Software Assurance only.

A fixed, annual price per desktop for enterprise products based on the initial number of desktops enrolled.

Centralized purchasing for your organization, including for qualified affiliates worldwide.

IT standardization across the entire organization.

Software Assurance benefits, including new version upgrades, Home Use Program, 24x7 phone support and Web support, Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS), technical training, Windows Vista Enterprise, and Extended Hotfix Support.

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Compare Volume Licensing Programs

Microsoft offers several Volume Licensing programs that are designed to meet the needs of different organizations. You can compare the Enterprise Agreement with the other programs to find the one that's right for your organization.

If you prefer to subscribe to Microsoft software licenses rather than purchasing them, review the information about Enterprise Subscription Agreement.

Compare Enterprise Agreement with other Volume Licensing programs

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How to Buy


To purchase software through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement program, contact your Microsoft Large Account Reseller (LAR) or Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA). To find a Microsoft LAR or ESA near you, call (62-21) 515-5151 ext. 1 or 0-800-1-201201.

Find an authorized reseller online


If you are outside Indonesia, you can find a list of Volume Licensing contacts for your area on your regional Microsoft Volume Licensing Web site.

Find the Microsoft Volume Licensing Web site for your region

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