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Software Assurance: More Benefits and Maximum Value

License Advisor for Volume Licensing

Benefits of Software Asset Management

With SAM, you'll know what you have, license only what you need, and use your software assets effectively at every stage of their lifecycle.

Save money

With SAM you use the licenses you already have and acquire only the software you need. You'll also know exactly how many licenses you have for each software title so you can make sure you're using all your available licenses at any given time.

Additionally, SAM encourages a centralized licensing process so you can take advantage of volume license savings whenever possible.

Obtain peace of mind

With SAM in place, you'll always know what software and licenses you have.

A SAM Software Use Policy will reduce unapproved software downloads and potential viruses that can infect your whole network.

By tracking all your software assets you'll have detailed information for good back- up and recovery plans should the need ever arise.

All this contributes to an overall peace of mind.

Improve business performance

Knowing what software you have, why you have it and where it is allows you to make informed strategic, tactical and operational decisions. This information will also help you to decide where you want to take your business in the future.

Optimize deployment

With SAM, company software needs, such as upgrades and changes, can be automatically identified, saving time and reducing hassles for both the IT department and the employees using the software.

Reduce support costs

Backup and recovery systems are easier to maintain when it's clear what software goes where. In addition, standardizing desktops where possible can dramatically reduce support costs.

Increase staff productivity

By standardizing software versions, file-sharing issues are reduced and communication is made easier. Users can work together seamlessly which leads to increased productivity.

Improve employee satisfaction

Information provided by SAM can help managers and employees justify acquiring the software they need. SAM helps improve productivity, ensures deadlines are met and increases overall job satisfaction.

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