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Subscribing to MSDN

MSDN subscriptions deliver the latest tools, technologies, and information right to your door. MSDN subscribers, depending on the subscription plan they choose, receive monthly or quarterly shipments of CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs packed with programming information and the latest Microsoft software and tools meet any development challenge.

Five Microsoft MSDN subscription plans are available to suit your resource needs:

  1. Library
  2. Operating Systems
  3. Professional
  4. Enterprise
  5. Universal

To find out which subscription level best suits you, click here.

Subscription Level Category Pricing
MSDN Library New $177.00
  Renewal $88.00
MSDN Operating Systems New $649.00
  Renewal $456.00
MSDN Professional New $1,114.00
  Renewal/Upgrade $832.00
MSDN Enterprise New $2,042.00
  Renewal/Upgrade $1,482.00
MSDN Universal New $2,604.00
  Renewal/Upgrade $2,140.00


  1. Prices are subject to changes without prior notice
  2. Prepayment of the full annual fee is required

How To Subscribe
To subscribe to Microsoft MSDN, please complete the Subscription Form, and either fax it to Microsoft Regional Sales at 65 6324 6181 or email it to

To find out about our other MSDN Subscriptions, visit:

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