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No IT solution has business value until it is deployed.  When it's time to transform your IT vision into a successful business solution, Microsoft Services can help you achieve a streamlined deployment by providing you with the technical expertise and skills to deploy your business solution as quickly, easily and cost effectively as possible.

Our team can deliver comprehensive, coherent, expert guidance in how to successfully deploy Microsoft technology to achieve your organisation's business objectives. Drawing on the extensive support and experience of Microsoft's global network, these services will help identify and mitigate potential risks whilst accelerating deployment.

This suite of services includes support for the analysis, design, construction and deployment aspects of a wide variety of solution types.

Download a fact sheet with a summary of our Deployment service line.

Service Offerings

Microsoft Services and our Partners can assist your organisation with the successful deployment of business solutions in your business with the following services:

  • Infrastructure Design and Migration Workshop
    Your infrastructure architects work with one or more Microsoft consultants/specialists in a fixed-duration workshop to collaboratively design your solution.
  • Application Compatibility – Debugging and Toolkits
    This is an introduction to the toolkits and debugging utilities which come with your operating system.
  • Active Directory Design
    Active Directory design provides you with technical expertise and best practices for developing an Active Directory design and directory integration for your organisation.
  • Meta-Directory Design
    Microsoft Services can help you reduce the ongoing maintenance costs of provisioning within your organisation by systematically addressing the interaction between your disparate directories.
  • Windows 2000 and XP Deployment Design
    Get help with designing, planning and executing Windows 2000/XP deployments.
  • Office Deployment Service
    Office Deployment Service helps you maximise your return on your organisation's investment in Microsoft Office software.
  • Standard Operating Environment Design (Desktop and Server)
    This service helps you design, build and deploy a standard operating environment (SOE) for your organisation's desktop and server machines.
  • Commercial Web site Design
    Our Commercial Web site Design solutions range from transactional Web sites used for conducting e-Commerce, through to corporate intranet applications used to support your critical business processes.
  • Corporate Internet
    Assists with designing and implementing the infrastructure to provide Internet access to your organisation's desktops.
  • Corporate Intranet Portal
    This service helps you establish a corporate intranet portal quickly and efficiently, in a way that allows for future extensions.
  • High-Availability Design
    Microsoft Services can help you with your solutions that require High-Availability Design. These range from transactional e-Commerce Web sites through to mission-critical online databases.
  • Messaging Design
    Get help with designing and implementing solutions that leverage Microsoft's messaging technologies. These solutions range from corporate e-mail systems through to document sharing / management systems and groupware applications.
  • Knowledge Management Design
    This service helps you design and implement solutions that leverage Microsoft's knowledge management technologies. These solutions range from document sharing / management systems through to groupware applications including corporate e-mail systems.
  • Mobile Workforce
    Microsoft Services can help you utilise the growing range of mobile technologies to support your mobile workforce.
  • Microsoft Premier Services
    Microsoft's top-of-the-line support offering for enterprise customers who require a proactive service and support relationship. Premier Services offers you the highest level of mission-critical support for your solution.
  • Microsoft Professional Support
    Provides remote support to the IT professionals in small to medium sized organizations and Microsoft partners involved in the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software solutions.

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