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Microsoft .NET

With the arrival of .NET connected software, true business technology integration within and between organisations is now a powerful reality.

Traditionally, high costs and system compatibility issues have hindered the benefits of integration. .NET connected software overcomes those challenges.

Microsoft's .NET connected software, based on XML Web Services, promises your organisation greater team productivity, reduced time to market, strategic business opportunities and, ultimately, superior levels of integration. The next step in true distributed computing, .NET connected software delivers your organisation the solutions to connect information, devices and people in a unified and personalised way

.NET technologies are the basis of Microsoft's vision to deliver 'trustworthy computing' to your organisation .NET is designed from the ground up to achieve an unprecedented level of system, software and services availability and security for your critical business technology.

Download a fact sheet with a summary of our .NET service line.

Service Offerings

Microsoft Services and our Partners can assist your organisation with the successful incorporation of .NET connected software in your business with the following services:

  • Application Architecture Design Workshop
    Your IT architects and designers work with one or more Microsoft consultants/specialists in a fixed-duration workshop to collaboratively design your solution.
  • .NET Development Environment
    The .NET development environment helps you establish a sound development environment for your organisation. It covers tools, the compilation and build process, source code control, versioning, and deployment to get .NET working for you.
  • Integration Architecture Design
    Microsoft Services can help you design and implement gateway services and applications that facilitate the integration of your organisation's new and legacy systems.
  • Proof of Concept
    Microsoft Services can help prepare 'proof of concept' (POC) applications that demonstrate the technical feasibility of applying a specific technology or product(s) to your specific business issues.
  • Technical Architecture
    Ensure that you have access to the best available skills and technical knowledge required to build a high-quality technical architecture for your business.
  • Microsoft Premier Services
    Microsoft's top-of-the-line support offering for enterprise customers who require a proactive service and support relationship. Premier Services offers you the highest level of mission-critical support for your solution.
  • Microsoft Professional Support
    Provides remote support to the IT professionals in small to medium sized organizations and Microsoft partners involved in the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software solutions. 

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