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Successful IT business systems operations depend on more than just employing the right people and technologies. Your organisation needs to manage these resources effectively to ensure a coherent and functional production environment.

Microsoft Services offers organisations the experience, expertise, products and resources to ensure the effective management of your critical business systems within today's complex distributed IT environment.

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is a set of principles, models and best practices that are combined with the well-documented standards of the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency's IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). MOF can be used to facilitate the deployment and ongoing operational management of your IT solutions.

Download a fact sheet with a summary of our Operations/Management service.

Service Offerings

Using solutions based on MOF, Microsoft Services and our Partners can help your organisation achieve mission-critical production system reliability and manageability with the following services:

  • Microsoft Operations Framework Assessment
    The MOF Operations Assessment provides the necessary guidance to gather, assess and analyse your IT infrastructure processes, and then develop and improve upon operational excellence.
  • Operations Manager POC
    This offering from Microsoft will deploy a Microsoft Operations Manager 2000 'Proof of Concept' to five of your key servers.
  • Microsoft Premier Services
    Microsoft's top-of-the-line support offering for enterprise customers who require a proactive service and support relationship. Premier Services offers you the highest level of mission-critical support for your solution.


In addition to those services delivered through the MOF framework, Microsoft Services can also deliver the following management services:

  • Systems Inventory
    Systems Inventory delivers a report of the hardware and software on your network. This is determined by monitoring your workstation activity for a two-week period.
  • Systems Management and Operations Design
    This service helps you design and implement IT solutions that are manageable in your production operations environment.
  • Microsoft Professional Support
    Provides remote support to the IT professionals in small to medium sized organizations and Microsoft partners involved in the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software solutions. 

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