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Technology alone is insufficient for securing your network. The roles of both people and processes within your organisation are equally as important in guarding critical data and IT systems.

Effectively managing your organisation's security requires that many types of threats be addressed. Risks can be external or internal, malicious or accidental. Beyond your own network, there is also the nature of your interaction with business Partners and customers.

We recognise that being able to trust the reliability and security of your business technology is a high priority for our customers. For Microsoft Services, trustworthy computing means that your critical business technology should always be available when you need it; your data should be secure and used or modified only in appropriate ways; and you control how your data is used.

Download a fact sheet with a summary of our Security service line.

Service Offerings

Microsoft Services and our Partners can work with you to provide security solutions that focus on achieving and maintaining a secure IT environment with the following services:

  • Secure Systems and Lockdown Design
    Ensure that the IT solutions you implement using Microsoft technologies are secure. These solutions range from e-Commerce Web sites to line-of-business databases.
  • Security Review
    This service reviews the current operational state and practices of your desktop and server environment from a security perspective.
  • Security Workshop
    This workshop focuses on current threats and vulnerabilities, as well as risk assessment and risk mitigation techniques through the tools and updates in the Security Tool Kit CD.
  • Security Operations Assessment
    The security operations assessment is an offering that helps you to define the processes, people and technology required to minimise the risk and impact of security-related incidents.
  • Building Secure Windows Infrastructures
    The primary focus of this offering is to show participants how to build a secure Windows environment and how to protect against attempts to breach security by someone who already has physical or logical access to the LAN.
  • Building Secure Web Infrastructures
    Building on the Security Workshop, this offering shows participants how to securely deploy Internet Information Server (IIS).
  • Microsoft Premier Services
    Microsoft's top-of-the-line support offering for enterprise customers who require a proactive service and support relationship. Premier Services offers you the highest level of mission-critical support for your solution.
  • Microsoft Professional Support
    Provides remote support to the IT professionals in small to medium sized organizations and Microsoft partners involved in the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software solutions. 

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