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This page is a short overview of the main sections within the Microsoft Services site. For more information on a particular topic, please click on the links.  
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Services Overview

Services Overview
Strategy. Technology. Support. Just a few of the ways Microsoft Services are helping organisations in Australia and throughout the world. This section details who Microsoft Services are and outlines how they can work with you.


With the arrival of .NET connected software, true business technology integration within and between organisations is now a powerful reality. For details and to find out how .NET connected software can benefit your organisation, visit this section.

When it's time to transform your IT vision into a successful business solution, Microsoft Services can help you achieve a streamlined first-pass deployment by providing you with the technical expertise and best practices to get and keep your business solution working.


Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
In today's business environment, information is not enough. Making better business decisions and ensuring your organisation's competitive advantage depends on using the information you have intelligently.


Technology alone is insufficient for securing your network. The roles of both people and processes within your organisation are equally as important in guarding critical data and IT systems. Microsoft Services and our Partners can work with you to provide a security solution.

Successful IT business systems operations depend on more than just employing the right people and technologies. Microsoft Services offers organisations the experience, expertise, products and resources to ensure the effective management of your critical business systems within today's complex distributed IT environment.

Microsoft's support solutions deliver expert proactive and reactive support for your operations. Your organisation can rely on our pool of highly trained and experienced specialists to ensure your business technology solutions are always running at their peak.

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