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Microsoft Services Overview

Effective use of technology is a crucial element in business success. Significant challenges for the enterprise include:

 - Strategic alignment of technology to business plans and objectives;

 - The design, development and deployment of IT applications and infrastructure; and

 - The efficient cost and service management within complex IT environments.

Microsoft Services has the people, skills and experience to help you successfully meet these challenges.

What Does Microsoft Services Do?

Microsoft Services is the division of Microsoft Corporation that provides services to customers of Microsoft technologies. Naturally, our services are focused on ways in which Microsoft technologies are deployed, managed and supported to provide your organisation with productivity improvements, faster time to market and increased return on investment.

While Technology (Product) Support is the service most commonly associated with technology solutions, it is our experience that it is in technology planning and design that Microsoft Services – and our technology Partners – can deliver the greatest benefit to your organisation.

What typically distinguishes a direct Microsoft Services engagement is:

  • Early adoption of technology before the general IT industry experience has matured;
  • Unusual and/or higher risk technology projects, where Microsoft Services involvement can mitigate the technical risks;
  • An enterprise requirement for direct Microsoft Services involvement, usually as technical risk mitigation and quality assurance; or
  • Low-level, in-depth product knowledge, particularly for support of operational systems.

Microsoft Services can provide thought and architectural leadership in the areas of  development and infrastructure. Skilled professionals, we are experienced at translating business requirements into technology solutions that provide strategic advantage to our customers.

Our trained specialists are leaders in the areas of development and infrastructure. They will work closely with you to understand your business and develop the right solution for your needs and vision. It's a continuous cycle that focuses on driving business value for your organisation through technology, innovation, transferring knowledge, satisfying you, the customer, and collaborating with our Partners.

Better still, it's designed so your business solutions will be delivered consistently to help you maximise results.


Whether you want us to assist you to plan, prepare, build or operate a business solution, our people and technology will help you optimise your business processes and technology infrastructure. We will deliver a committed and ongoing service designed to meet your specific organisational requirements, whenever and wherever you need it.

Together with our Partners, Microsoft can help you:

  • Access a broad range of knowledge and skills to get the most out of technology;
  • Translate technology into maximum business value to help build your business;
  • Deliver solutions with high levels of support to provide peace of mind
  • Access experienced people to work closely with you and understand your business;
  • Maximise the return on your IT software investment and best-of-breed technology;
  • Leverage best practices/global resources;
  • Assure you of the solution and minimise risk through proof of concept services; and
  • Improve your IT operations management ability.

When you choose to partner with Microsoft, you are working with one of the world's leading information technology companies. We have and are continuing to invest in our partnering programs to create opportunities around our technologies. Our aim is to deliver business value to our Partners with a range of Partner benefits.

Why partner with Microsoft? We can:

  • Become a valuable extension of your own service offering;
  • Work together to align our expertise and skills with your own;
  • Help you to deliver the right solutions to your enterprise customers worldwide;
  • Assist you with the support of the Microsoft network in on-time project delivery; and
  • Provide you with the industry's best collaboration opportunities.

At Microsoft, we share a stake with you in the ultimate success of our joint customer and their satisfaction. As a Partner, you can utilise best-of-breed workshops and training courses to ensure a complete understanding of how to drive business value from your use of Microsoft technologies.

Together we can set the benchmark for quality products and services that lead directly to business growth.

Service Offerings
Technology Strategy Consulting
Partner Strategy Consultants (PSC) can assist Microsoft Solution Providers to enhance the capabilities of their professional services organisation and grow their business.

Download a fact sheet with a summary of our Technology Strategy Consulting services.

How to Partner with Microsoft
Microsoft offers two certified programs for our Partners. Becoming a Microsoft Certified Partner or Microsoft Gold Certified Partner puts your business on the inside track with a range of specialised technical, sales and marketing resources, support and campaigns that are available only to Microsoft Partners. 

Microsoft Certified Partner
If your company offers services or software based on Microsoft solutions and technologies, you can become a Microsoft Certified Partner and gain Microsoft certification. By joining the Microsoft Certified Partner Program, you obtain a range of membership benefits and endorsement by Microsoft.

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
If you want to highlight your focus on Microsoft-based solutions, you can join the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Program for the highest level of endorsement from Microsoft. For companies that provide advanced solutions in Business Intelligence, Collaboration, E-Commerce, Enterprise systems, Learning, Software products, Support Services, Hosting and Application Services, or Security Solutions.

Why become a Microsoft Partner?
At Microsoft, our primary objective is to deliver business value to you, our Partner, every day. We focus on six areas:

Access to Microsoft Products: Not-for-resale software is delivered to Partners early in the product development cycle from product betas through to trial software.

Technical Readiness: Tools and training, which enable Partners to build upon our technologies, range from Project Guides to Hands-On Labs.

Technical Support: Business-critical phone support, self-help tools, Microsoft-monitored newsgroups, and phone incidents are just some of the support options to help you quickly solve technical issues.

Business Development: Promote your business to clients based on your Microsoft affiliation with our tools and templates. Microsoft Certified Partners benefit from customer referrals and leads.

Sales Training: Product positioning, comparisons, product trial software, and proven sales techniques help you close more business faster.

Market recognition: Microsoft's vision, unmatched brand awareness and brand endorsement for Certified Partners delivers credibility for your business.

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