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Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 8 puts the Web at your service

Internet Explorer 8

contains new features that enable you and your agency to take better advantage of the Web and to connect more effectively with your constituents. Your IT Professionals can leverage the smooth interoperability of Internet Explorer 8 to gain more control in managing customization and deployments. Compatibility with previous versions means that your developers can build and maintain your Web sites more easily. In addition to improvements in speed, reliability, and ease of use, this newest version puts security foremost.

Internet Explorer 8 offers significant improvements in key areas. Internet Explorer 8 is:

  • Safer: Your Web browser is a window into a vast and useful, but potentially dangerous, world. It's critical to your agency that you can conduct your Web activity quickly and efficiently, and most importantly, safely. Internet Explorer 8 has hardened defenses to help protect against malware attacks, phishing scams, and other dangers that can compromise sensitive data and privacy.
  • Faster: Internet Explorer 8 includes numerous performance improvements that contribute to a faster, more responsive Web-browsing experience in the areas that matter most to your organization. Internet Explorer 8 starts quickly and loads pages fast, and the powerful new tab functions let you instantly move to your next task.
  • Easier to use: New features and enhancements in Internet Explorer 8—including smarter tab management, more intuitive search functions, the new Web Slices and Accelerators functions, and other shortcuts—help to make your everyday tasks easier to accomplish.
  • More reliable: Improved reliability and more robust crash-recovery protocols mean a more stable foundation for your agency's Internet activity.