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Federal Server Core Configuration
Microsoft Federal Server Core Configuration (FSCC) helps you develop a robust, managed server environment to enhance security and reliability, while helping to lower the total cost of ownership.

Server management and data protection requirements become tougher every year, while employees, customers, and partners keep raising the bar on performance levels for accessing data and applications. In government, server-related challenges can be particularly vexing due to budget and resource constraints. Many agencies struggle with a variety of server management issues, including:


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  • Poor enterprise configuration management.
  • High support costs.
  • Increasing numbers of servers across the enterprise.
  • Problems or delays installing security patches.
  • Slow adoption of new technology.
  • Multiple systems tools, leading to confusion and decentralized management and monitoring.

To keep up with security needs and business requirements for new technologies, you need consistent, centralized server configuration and management.

Enter Federal Server Core Configuration (FSCC), a standardized server configuration that can help you reduce complexity and cost, in addition to helping to increase security and capabilities. FSCC has its roots in Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC), now called the U.S. Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB), which has been implemented successfully on Windows-based desktop and laptop computers. As with the USGCB, Microsoft Services delivers FSCC by deploying a baseline image on all Windows servers and then applying further role-based settings for many Microsoft server-based applications.

FSCC can help your agency:

  • Tighten server and network security with uniform settings across the environment.
  • Bolster server reliability and performance.
  • Lower the total cost of ownership, with reduced IT support needs related to consistent configurations.
  • Speed up technology adoption in a common and stable environment.

If it's vital to government, it's mission critical to Microsoft.

Microsoft Services, with vast experience developing and deploying standard server solutions for government and private sector entities, can partner with you to move your agency to a more modern, more secure, and more cost-effective Federal Server Core Configuration (FSCC) server environment or jump-start your migration to Windows Server 2008 R2 by implementing the FSCC prior to use in the operational environment.

To find out more about an FSCC engagement with Microsoft Enterprise Services, download the Microsoft Services Federal Server Core Configuration datasheet, send an email message to Federal Server Core Configuration Inquiry, or contact Ken Page at 301-751-4413.

Find a partner

Although FSCC is delivered exclusively by Microsoft Services, you can find partners to assist you in a variety of other technical areas. Search for partners in the Microsoft Public Sector Partner Solution MarketPlace, a one-stop website for finding technology partners that offer a broad range of products, services, and solutions based on Microsoft technologies—including those for government. The directory includes packaged software, solutions offerings, and training from Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, Microsoft Certified Partners, and registered members.