Microsoft Corp (MSFT)
Contact the Board of Directors
Updated: May 26, 2009
Contact the Board of Directors
Microsoft shareholders who want to communicate directly with the Company's Board of Directors, any committee of the Board, or any individual director may submit their questions by:
Sending an e-mail message to:
Mailing a letter to:
MSC 123/9999
Corporate Secretary
Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052-6399
Each communication should specify the applicable addressee or addressees to be contacted, as well as the general topic of the communication. The Company will initially receive and process communications before forwarding them to the addressee. Communications may also be referred to other departments within the Company. The Company generally will not forward to the Board any communication that it determines to be primarily commercial in nature, that relates to an improper or irrelevant topic, or that requests general information about the Company.
Contact the Microsoft Audit Committee
Anyone with questions or concerns about internal accounting controls, an accounting matter, or an auditing matter, may submit such questions or concerns confidentially or anonymously by:
Submitting a report via the Microsoft Integrity Web site
Calling the toll-free, 24-hour Business Conduct Line at one of the following numbers:
Within the United States: (877) 320-MSFT (320-6738)
Outside the United States: (1) (704) 540-0139
Sending a letter to the Director of Compliance at the following address:
Microsoft Corporation
Legal and Corporate Affairs
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052
Sending a fax to the Director of Compliance at (1) (425) 705-2985.