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2015 Annual Report
Earnings Release FY11 Q4
Strong results while our businesses transform to the cloud
Revenue up 12%, Operating Income up 13%, and EPS up 28%
Robust product cycle and partnership momentum
Operating expense discipline continues
Cash flow from operations $27.0 billion
$16.9 billion returned to shareholders through dividends and buybacks, up 10% over FY10
Investments in platform and cloud for long-term growth

Revenue increased primarily due to strong sales of the Xbox 360 entertainment platform, the 2010 Microsoft Office system, and Server and Tools products, offset in part by lower Windows revenue. Revenue also increased due to the $254 million Office Deferral in fiscal year 2010 and the subsequent recognition of the Office Deferral during fiscal year 2011. Changes in foreign currency exchange rates had an insignificant impact on revenue.

Operating income increased reflecting the change in revenue, offset in part by higher operating expenses. Key changes in operating expenses were:

• Cost of revenue increased $3.2 billion or 26%, due to higher costs associated with our online offerings, including traffic acquisition costs, and increased volumes of Xbox 360 consoles and Kinect sensors sold.

• Sales and marketing expenses increased $726 million or 5%, primarily reflecting increased advertising and marketing of the Xbox 360 platform, Windows Phone, and Windows and Windows Live, higher headcount-related expenses and increased fees paid to third party enterprise software advisors.

• Research and development expenses increased $329 million or 4%, due mainly to higher headcount-related expenses.

• General and administrative expenses increased $159 million or 4%, due mainly to higher headcount-related expenses and new Puerto Rican excise taxes, partially offset by prior year transition expenses associated with the inception of the Yahoo! Commercial Agreement.

Diluted earnings per share increased reflecting higher revenue, repurchases of common stock, and lower income tax expense, offset in part by higher operating expenses.

FY12 Earnings Release Schedule
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