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2015 Annual Report
Earnings Release  FY11 Q1
Datacenter, developer & cloud drive strong performance
Revenue up 12% YoY
Multi-year agreement revenue growth of 10%
Non-annuity revenue growth of 15%
Windows Server premium mix grew 4 points; virtualization suites grew > 50%
Windows Azure subscriptions up 40% sequentially

Server and Tools revenue increased reflecting growth in product revenue and Enterprise Services revenue. Product revenue increased $343 million or 12%, driven primarily by growth in Windows Server, SQL Server, Enterprise CAL Suites and Windows Embedded revenue, reflecting continued adoption of Windows platform applications. Enterprise Services revenue grew $66 million or 9%, due to growth in both Premier product support services and consulting services.

Server and Tools operating income increased primarily due to revenue growth, offset in part by a slight increase in operating expenses. Cost of revenue increased $55 million or 8%, reflecting higher costs associated with the delivery of services and online costs. Sales and marketing expenses decreased $38 million or 4%, primarily due to lower corporate marketing and advertising expenses.

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Server and Tools
RESULTS (in millions, except percentages)
Q111 Q110 Change
Revenue $ 3,959 $ 3,550 12%
$ 1,630 $ 1,237 32%
FY11 Earnings Release Schedule
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