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2015 Annual Report
Earnings Release  FY11 Q2
Windows 7 anniversary - Over 300M licenses sold to date
WWLD revenue growth inline with the PC Market*
Business PC refresh continues
More than 20% of PCs running Windows 7
90% of enterprise companies have started their formal migration to Windows 7
Next version of Windows will support system-on-a-chip architectures
*Adjusted for prior year of Windows 7 deferred revenue recognition and impact of Windows 7 launch in prior year ("launch impact")

Windows Division revenue decreased primarily due to the prior year launch of Windows 7, including recognition of approximately $1.7 billion of revenue in the prior year related to the Windows 7 Deferral. OEM revenue decreased $1.8 billion or 32%. This decrease was driven by the prior year launch of Windows 7, reflecting a decrease in inventory in our distribution channels, and lower Windows attach rates in China, partially offset by PC market growth. Other revenue decreased $314 million or 20%, driven primarily by the prior year launch of Windows 7. Considering the impact of the Windows 7 launch in the prior year, we estimate Windows Division revenue growth was in line with PC market growth. We estimate total worldwide PC shipments from all sources grew approximately 2% to 4%.

Windows Division operating income decreased primarily as a result of decreased revenue. In addition, sales and marketing expenses increased $22 million or 3% reflecting increased advertising of Windows and Windows Live.

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Windows and Windows Live Division
RESULTS (in millions, except percentages)
Q211 Q210 Change
Revenue $ 5,054 $ 7,193 (30)%
$ 3,251 $ 5,417 (40)%
FY11 Earnings Release Schedule
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