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Microsoft Corporation
Consolidated profit & loss account (unaudited)
Year Ended June 30, 2000
(in millions £)

Turnover 14,430   
Operating expenses:      
   Cost of sales 1,887   
   Research and development 2,385   
   Distribution costs 2,603   
   Administrative expenses 679   
   Other operating expenses 58   
      Total operating expenses 7,612   
Operating profit 6,818   
Interest receivable and similar income 2,000   
Profit on sale of MSN Sidewalk 98   
Profit before tax 8,916   
Tax on profits 1,868   
Profit on ordinary activities after taxation 7,048   
Reconciliation to reported results presented in accompanying financial statements:      
Profit for the financial year, as stated above (UK GAAP) 7,048   
Visio Pooling 38   
Tax benefit of stock options (1,164 )
Net income per published US financial statements 5,922   

This unaudited Consolidated profit and loss account has been converted from Microsoft's audited consolidated income statement into local currency and adjusted for accounting principles and format that are generally accepted in the United Kingdom. This presentation differs in certain respects from generally accepted accounting principles in the United States that are used in Microsoft's primary financial statements and its filings with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The Microsoft 2000 Annual Report to Shareholders and the Form 10-K are available on this Web site or copies may be obtained by writing to the Company.

All figures have been translated at the average exchange rate for the year (£1 = USD 1.5908).

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Last updated May 27, 2010

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