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Dynamics CRM Case Study - Euro Insurances puts customers first with Dynamics CRM

Published: October 2012

Euro Insurances Ltd. was established in 1994 as the motor insurance company of LeasePlan Corporation N.V., one of the world's leading fleet and vehicle management providers.

Their origin has enabled them to focus on the development and delivery of specialised motor insurance solutions. They provide expertise in the management of risk selection, pricing, claims and out-sourced services relating to motor insurance. Euro Insurances Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. It is based in Dublin.

They seek opportunities which combine their financial strength with long-term sustainable relationships with reputable business partners. As a Freedom of Services company they are authorised to write insurance business in the European Union and other countries. They currently write motor insurance in 21 countries, including Australia and New Zealand. Euro Insurances Limited is a private limited company, Registered in Ireland No. 222 618.


Euro Insurances Ltd is the motor insurance company of LeasePlan Corporation N.V., one of the world's leading fleet and vehicle management providers.

Based in Dublin, the company focuses on the development and delivery of specialised motor insurance solutions, providing expertise in the management of risk selection, pricing, claims and out-sourced services in 21 countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

Euro Insurances uses a business model with well defined underwriting principles used through more than 20 local claim handling agents which are controlled centrally from the office in Dublin.

'In 2010, Euro Insurances analysed our requirements with a view to developing a system which would centrally manage our large claims. These are claims with a value of €25,000 or more which require a much higher degree of monitoring and control. We needed a system to bring us through the process from claim creation to settlement in a more automated and structured manner. We established that we needed a bespoke web application which could be accessed by both the external claim handling agents and the internal company claims controllers' according to Gavan Harris, BIM Manager of Euro Insurances.

Euro Insurances selected Codec-dss, Dynamics CRM partner of the year 2011 for their Dynamics CRM project based on their standing as a Microsoft Gold CRM partner with experience in delivering customised solutions using the Dynamics XRM platform.

The Solution

Codec-dss CRM consultants carefully examined Euro's requirements analysis and recommended a Large Claims Management System (LCMS) based on Dynamics CRM technology. The prototype was presented to Euro Insurances and it proved that Dynamics CRM was a robust and flexible enough platform to deliver their requirements in about half the time that an equivalent bespoke project would require.
Tom McArdle, Lead CRM Consultant for Codec-dss explains:

'We built the solution on a Dynamics CRM platform, carefully remodeling the existing CRM modules to meet Euro's requirements and creating new customised entities to store data which is specific to this client. Euro Insurances wanted the screens to look a certain way and we designed them to match the mock-ups they provided. We also created views that allow staff to search for records quickly based on specific criteria.'

'CRM consultants worked on site with Euro to develop the solution, which incorporated quite a number of complex features including a claim handler portal and the configuration of around 40 workflows to support and automate the various processes. To do this, we had to customise the standard CRM Customer Portal Accelerator and reinvent it to match the claim handler's requirements' added McArdle.

The Result

Once the prototype was proven to work, Codec-dss developed and delivered the entire system within six months and it quickly met it's principal goal of allowing large claims within Euro Insurances (EIIE) to be centrally managed.

This means that now EIIE claims handlers all over the world can access and update the Euro Insurances Large Claims Management System online and in real time.

Most of these users interact with the system through the claim handler portal without even realising that Dynamics CRM is the engine behind it. They can keep the details of claims up to date over the entire life cycle of the claim, including adding/amending claimant details, notifying Euro Insurances of movements in the claim amounts, submitting regular large claim reports and viewing details on the claim. The work list section of the portal alerts staff to any outstanding actions they need to take regarding any of the large claims they have submitted.

There are a great many features to the new solution and Gavan Harris, BIM Manager of Euro Insurances notes:

'In addition to all of (that) functionality the new system provides an automation service to alert claims handlers/controllers/managers when actions need to be taken in relation to large claims. It also provides an audit trail for all actions - reviews and updates - on a per claim basis and management reports along with document management features.'

Euro Insurances staff can access all the financial data and documentation relevant to a particular claim whenever they need it. For Gavan Harris, this means:

'Efficiency is up, productivity has improved and tasks are easier with workflows that trigger when claims are created and amended. The CRM workflow engine includes several custom .NET workflow assemblies and Codec-dss took a building blocks approach which is highly flexible and maintainable by Euro Insurances IT personnel.'

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