Student Mentoring

Each year we support a staff mentoring programme with 5th and 6th year students at St Tiernan’s Community School in Sandyford.  The programme, which is run by Business in the Community (BITC) as part of their Schools Business Partnership initiative, has proved incredibly successful for both staff and the students.

In 2011, we are delighted to have 25 students being mentored by Microsoft employees.  A quote from the headmaster of the schools states the following:

"Getting selection as a mentee is a much sought prize amongst students and they regard it as a privilege to gain a place on the programme.  The commitment of the mentors is hugely appreciated by parents.

As the programme progresses the mentors become teachers, advisers, counsellors. They open students’ eyes to life and occupational opportunities, they encourage them in their academic studies and they give them confidence and hope as they face career defining decisions in their final year in secondary school."

Each month mentors bring the students to Microsoft’s campus at Sandyford and spend time providing insight and advice to the students as they move towards the Leaving Certificate.



Microsoft Employees and pupils from St. Tiernans

The programme is now in its fifth year.

“The mentoring program has been a very rewarding experience for me personally and professionally.  At first I wondered what I could bring to the mentoring programme but looking back at my own final years in school I realized that having increased exposure to the opportunities that lay in the modern workplace would have had a very positive impact on my future.  I was confident that I could provide that benefit to a student.  For Microsoft this has been a very rewarding programme.  We get to work closely with people in our community and we get to build a sense of that community within our organisation. This is a small investment of your time for a great return."
Mark Gleeson, Senior Group Manager, EDC

“The mentor programme was a beneficial and very enjoyable programme.  I found myself looking forward to the Tuesdays I went to see my mentor.  After the programme I found myself to have more confidence when talking to people one-to-one.  I really enjoyed the social activities associated with the programme. The programme was a great experience and it helped me in so many ways. I would highly recommend to anybody thinking of taking part to do so”
Student, St. Tiernan’s CS, Sandyford, Dublin.