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On the Issues: Society and Technology 

A Powerful Tool for Economic Recovery

Technology is one of the nation’s key assets in working to rebuild prosperity.

Published: March 4, 2009

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With the economy in turmoil, government and business leaders must carefully assess how to weather the storm. Fortunately, they can utilize powerful technology tools that most organizations already use today.

The nation’s leadership has set a course to make government and industry more transparent, participatory and collaborative — and pointed specifically to technology as a key enabler.

Streaming media, social networking and other new collaboration tools can improve the way citizens engage with government — while allowing government to work more efficiently and effectively.

Unified communications technologies bring together voice communications, e-mail and instant messaging, with savings on hardware, maintenance and even travel that can amount to a return on investment of more than 500 percent over three years.

Power management tools in software help reduce environmental impact and energy costs.

Online software helps organizations make services and information widely available while simplifying deployment, streamlining management and reducing operations costs.

Software advances enable computers to run more than one operating system simultaneously, saving energy and putting available computing power to fuller use.

Information technology helps organizations respond to changing conditions with greater insight and speed than ever before. That lowers costs, fuels innovation and boosts productivity — the foundation for sustainable economic growth.

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