Global Apparel Distributor Boosts Employee Productivity and Competitive Agility

As a relatively small company in a competitive global market, hummel International wants to operate as efficiently as possible and deliver consistently excellent customer service in designing and distributing sports and fashion clothing and accessories. The company implemented Microsoft Dynamics® NAV to help manage and streamline business operations and enable employees to be more effective. The solution integrates closely with other Microsoft® software already present and smoothly adjusts to changes in the business model. Under the Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics, hummel International can upgrade and enhance the solution whenever Microsoft releases new versions, fixes, or service packs, without incurring additional expenses. Employees easily access training resources through Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource to become more proficient technology users.

Business Needs

Based in Denmark, hummel International designs and distributes sports and fashion apparel. With 110 employees, hummel International is a relatively small company in the global market for branded clothing. However, with well-conceived designs, high-quality products, a long list of significant sponsorships, and a highly visible public profile with a focus on corporate social responsibility and solid business management, the company has created a strong international brand.

Says Brian Kofoed, IT Manager at hummel International, “From an international perspective, we are a very small company. But, our customers expect a lot from us and demand exactly the same kind of service that they expect from much larger competitors.”

*The value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Business Ready Enhancement Plan was evident when we decided to sell collections instead of individual products. Such a major change would not have been possible without system updates.*
Brian Kofoed, IT Manager, hummel International
To serve customers in the best possible way and run an efficient business, hummel International decided it needed a flexible, powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. “Our business and industry is developing at an increasingly faster pace. Therefore, a flexible ERP system is crucial for us and our ability to develop our business,” says Kofoed. “In the past, we had to program directly in Microsoft® SQL Server® to retrieve reports, which was very time consuming.”

The company also wanted to have the ability to maintain and adapt the solution without additional costs or resource needs. More specifically, hummel International wanted to protect its technology investment with the ability to upgrade to newer versions of the software and implement enhancement and updates without additional costs for licensing or custom development.


hummel International chose Microsoft Dynamics® NAV as its business management solution, and today, the company uses the solution to support its business operations. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Cornator performed the implementation and integrated the solution with an industry-specific add-in it developed.

In addition, hummel International signed up for the Business Ready Enhancement Plan for Microsoft Dynamics. Within the terms of the plan, the company can upgrade to newer versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009; access solution updates; and implement software enhancements. hummel International receives these benefits as soon as Microsoft releases new versions of or updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and the company does not incur any additional licensing costs.

Eighty percent of hummel International’s employees use Microsoft Dynamics NAV regularly. By using Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource, an information resource Web site for Microsoft Dynamics customers, these workers can find materials and resources that enable them to use the solution in more effective ways.

hummel International integrated Microsoft Dynamics NAV with applications in the Microsoft Office system to increase employee productivity and simplify business reporting. The company also automated certain routine tasks and pursued doing more business on the Web.


hummel International recognizes the advancements it has made to its business operations by adding Microsoft Dynamics NAV and subscribing to the Business Ready Enhancement Plan. Says Kofoed, “The value of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Business Ready Enhancement Plan was evident when we decided to sell collections instead of individual products. Such a major change would not have been possible without system updates.”

With the Business Ready Enhancement Plan, hummel International can migrate to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 without incurring additional charges. Says Kofoed, “If we had to upgrade to the new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV without having subscribed to the Business Ready Enhancement Plan, it would have been a very expensive undertaking. The plan is a real value for the money.”

Making use of a special Microsoft initiative, Cornator consultants were able to familiarize themselves with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 long before the official product launch. Doing so helped hummel International take full advantage of the solution’s capabilities.

hummel International is looking forward to generating business benefits from the close integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with applications in the Microsoft Office system. “Closer integration will enable employees to be more effective,” says Kofoed. “Our sales and finance staff receive reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly into Microsoft Office Excel®; because of that, they can create forecasts or sales budgets much easier than in the past.” The company expects that integration between Microsoft Dynamics NAV and applications in the Microsoft Office system will help the company simplify many complex processes, let employees have more control, and make it possible for managers to make more informed decisions. In addition, Kofoed and company managers look forward to increased productivity in business reporting, planning, and management because SQL Server provides an extensible, powerful database for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009.

hummel International expects customers to benefit from a higher quality of services because of its employees’ increased productivity with the solution. “The ability to offer even better service in the form of an effective online story and the automatic processing of various forms of electronic invoicing have been an important factor for us in integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV into our business,” says Kofoed.

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  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009
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hummel International designs sports and fashion apparel and accessories. The company distributes its products to retailers around the globe.

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