Microsoft Research アカデミック連携プログラム Mt. Fuji Plan

第 6 回 Core プロジェクト

第 6 回 Core プロジェクト募集要項




Naoko NITTA 新しいウィンドウ

Osaka University

Graduate School of Engineering

Development of example-based interactive video remixing tool 新しいウィンドウ

Adam JATOWT 新しいウィンドウ

Kyoto University

Graduate School of Informatics

Mining and Searching Web for Future-related Information 新しいウィンドウ

Kenji YAMANISHI 新しいウィンドウ

The University of Tokyo

Department of Mathematical Informatics

Network Stream Mining with Dynamic Model Selection 新しいウィンドウ

Junichiro MORI 新しいウィンドウ

The University of Tokyo

Graduate School of Engineering

Learning to rank entities and relations using Web information 新しいウィンドウ

Rei KAWAKAMI 新しいウィンドウ

The University of Tokyo

Institute of industrial science

Acquisition and analysis of Giga-pixel spectral information 新しいウィンドウ

IJARCBlue Sky 採択者


Tadashi NAKANO 新しいウィンドウ

Osaka University

Graduate school of Engineering

A Network Architecture and Protocols for Molecular Communication – A Biologically Inspired Nanoscale Networking Paradigm 新しいウィンドウ

Mitsuo OKADA 新しいウィンドウ

Kyoto University

Graduate School of Informatics, Department of Intelligence Science and Technology

Low-cost Secure Image Trading System Based on Semi-Blind Fingerprinting Using Synthetic Transparent Images 新しいウィンドウ

Yukitoshi SANADA 新しいウィンドウ

Keio University

Faculty of Science and Technology

Reliable WLAN Communication with Sora based Cognitive Radio 新しいウィンドウ

Junichi REKIMOTO 新しいウィンドウ

The University of Tokyo

Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies

Eye-Sensing Wearable Interaction for Computer Augmented Human 新しいウィンドウ

Maho NAKATA 新しいウィンドウ

RIKEN (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)

Advanced Center for Computing and Communication

Development of MPACK (MBLAS/MLAPACK) library : multiple precision arithmetic versions of BLAS and LAPACK 新しいウィンドウ