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Review industry research, track the latest licensing trends, and see what customers are saying about Volume Licensing.

Microsoft Financing Looks to Help Cash-Strapped IT Departments

Jeff James, Windows IT Pro | January 5, 2012

Enterprise Cloud Licensing Basics (Enterprise Agreement)

Bill Kleyman, TechTarget.com | October 28, 2011

Microsoft Licensing Documentation Gets a Facelift

Scott Bekker, Redmond Channel Partner | October 5, 2011

Software Licensing and IT Management Explained

Jeff James, Windows IT Pro | August 19, 2011

Microsoft Readies Volume Licensing Website Overhaul

Rick Whiting, CRN | August 4, 2011

Reading the Fine Print on Microsoft’s New ‘Cloud Ready’ Licensing Terms

Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet.com | August 2, 2011

Microsoft Extends Licensing Mobility to Amazon Cloud

Kurt Mackie, Redmond Channel Partner | July 20, 2011

Cloud Theme Core to New Microsoft Partner Incentives

Mark Cox, eChannelLine | July 13, 2011

Microsoft Opens Windows Server App Licenses to Amazon Cloud

Andrew R. Hickey, CRN | July 13, 2011

Microsoft: Volume License Agreements Now Are ‘Cloud Ready’

Mary Jo Foley, ZDNet | July 1, 2011

Top Five IT Finance and Asset Management Issues

Cliff Saran, Computer Weekly | June 7, 2011

Microsoft Formalizes Cloud Computing Enterprise Licensing

Carl Brooks, TechTarget | May 25, 2011

Microsoft to Add Cloud Licenses to Enterprise Agreements

Scott Bekker, Redmond Channel Partner | May 19, 2011

Microsoft to Add Cloud Software to Enterprise Agreement Licenses

Rick Whiting, CRN | May 17, 2011

Reduce Software Costs

Smith & Williamson

United Kingdom • 1,500 employees • Enterprise Agreement

With guidance from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a financial services company takes full advantage of their licensing agreement to reduce costs and increase benefits.

Majid Al Futtaim Properties

United Arab Emirates • 2,000 employees • Select Plus agreement

By using consolidated licensing, a development company standardizes their IT environment and deploys a flexible infrastructure that is easily modified to meet changing business needs, resulting in a 40 percent reduction of IT costs.

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Allscripts Healthcare Solutions

United States • 5,800 employees • ISV Royalty Licensing Program

A company that provides healthcare software based on Microsoft programs benefits from reduced licensing costs and simplified deployment and administration, and delivers optimized solutions to customers at a more competitive price.

Lind & Risør

Denmark • 200 employees • Open Value Subscription

An architectural and homebuilding firm reduces licensing costs and provides its employees with consistent, up-to-date technology by enrolling in Microsoft Volume Licensing Open Value programs.

Ease Technology Deployment

University of Central Florida

United States • 10,000 employees • Campus and School Agreement

A university eases deployment, saves training time and costs, and gains enterprise scalability and predictable budgeting while saving more than 50 percent per desktop license.


Norway • 30 employees • Open Value Subscription

A TV production company improves performance and saves money by deploying a new domain, upgrading its server structure to a new virtual environment, and upgrading desktops to Windows 7—all at the same time.

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Rockwool Group

Denmark • 8,000 employees • Enterprise Agreement, Enrollment for Application Platform

A manufacturer cost-efficiently consolidates an infrastructure of more than 400 servers onto the Microsoft Application Platform, improving infrastructure control and reducing costs.

Simplify Software Management

Cable & Wireless Panama

Panama • 2,300 employees • Enterprise Agreement

A communications firm gains predictable licensing costs, uses Software Assurance benefits to support several new IT initiatives, reduces IT management time by 25 percent, and improves employee collaboration.

Extended Stay Hotels

United States • 10,000 employees • Enterprise Agreement

A hotel group saves on licensing acquisition expenses, ensures that all users have the latest software, minimizes license management time, and reduces training costs with an Enterprise Agreement.

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Emcore Corporation

United States • 1,000 workstations, servers, and devices • Open License

With guidance gained from a Microsoft Software Asset Management engagement, a high-tech manufacturer improves its asset management program and devises a strategy for a company-wide deployment of Windows 7.

Increase Productivity


Spain • 34,603 employees • Enterprise Agreement

A large insurance company decides on an enterprise-wide deployment of Microsoft Office 2010 through a licensing agreement that also provides nearly 10,000 employees with free Office 2010 for home use.

Fresno Unified School District

United States • 10,000 employees • Campus and School Agreement

A California school district uses Microsoft technologies in a customized productivity tool that helps teachers spend less time on paper work so they can focus on teaching students.

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Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel

Greece • 480 employees • Open Value Subscription

An international hotel upgrades its infrastructure, resulting in an increase in employee productivity, an improved guest experience, reduced operations costs, and new potential revenue streams.

Why an updated Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

February 14, 2012

Joe Matz on Changes to Enterprise Agreement and Software

Microsoft News Center | July 12, 2011

Microsoft Shares Licensing Updates at Microsoft Hosting Summit

Microsoft Volume Licensing Website | March 30, 2011

CIO Technology Priorities for 2011: Flexible Financing Options

Microsoft News Center | February 1, 2011

Microsoft Streamlines Its Licensing Structure

Microsoft News Center | July 14, 2009

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  • We save about 25 percent on licenses with the Enterprise Agreement, and we saved at least another $15,000 on licensing with Windows Server 2008 Datacenter.

    Mike Connelly,
    Vice President of IT
    FranklinCovey Company

  • Savings achieved with Terminal Services, Hyper-V technologies, and the Enterprise Agreement funds other IT projects that will help increase productivity and reduce costs.

    Travis Peters,
    Director of IT
    FranklinCovey Company

  • We're saving close to $45,000 annually in licensing costs with the Enterprise Agreement, which is at least a 15 percent savings over acquiring Open licenses a few at a time.

    Curt Nassen,
    IT Manager
    Coating Excellence International

  • With the Enterprise Subscription Agreement, we can order licenses based on our current requirements and if those needs change we can adjust the quantity to match.

    Mikhail Kazouski,
    IT Manager
    EPAM Systems

  • Before, it took two people to track and manage the licenses. With the Enterprise Subscription Agreement, it takes only about 40 hours annually.

    Mikhail Kazouski,
    IT Manager
    EPAM Systems

  • If we hadn’t had the Step-Up License through the Enterprise Agreement, we would not have been able to deploy Windows Server 2008 Datacenter with Hyper-V so early.

    Bernhard Wiedemann,
    IT Manager
    Landratsamt Landshut

  • Eliminating the need to track versions and open new agreements, and using the online management tools, we reduced license management time by about 70 percent with Open Value.

    Pavlos Giannakopoulos,

  • Having upgrade rights through Software Assurance means we don’t have to track versions. And we can download the new software and manage our licenses online.

    Markus Schöppner,
    Technical Manager
    Fischer and Knöbel Trailer Services

  • The home use part of the agreement was extremely attractive because it means our managers can load the same software legally on their computers at home.

    Paul Chipisuboff,
    IT Manager
    Dingo Australia

  • With Open Value, I’ve got a pool of licenses so if a machine breaks, I can install the software to get the users up and running immediately and sort the paperwork out later.

    Paul Chipisuboff,
    IT Manager
    Dingo Australia

  • The Enterprise Agreement gives us the freedom to upgrade as soon as the new version is available.

    Phil Weber,
    Director of IT Infrastructure
    The Gallup Organization

  • With the Enterprise Agreement, we can centrally manage our licensing structure, ensuring compliance and that all of our users are on the same version of the software.

    Charlie Colón,
    IT Director
    The Gallup Organization

  • With Open Value, we’re able to take advantage of new technology features a year or two sooner than before we signed the agreement.

    Alexandros Thomas,
    IT Implementer
    Hellenic Seaways

  • With easy access to all of our licensing information and benefits through the Volume Licensing Service Center, we probably save three hours a month on license management.

    Alexandros Thomas,
    IT Implementer
    Hellenic Seaways

  • Microsoft gave us a flexible, reliable platform and our Enterprise Agreement gave us a volume pricing. But if you’re in business for the long term, Software Assurance is essential.

    Matthew Doyle,
    Chief Operating Officer

  • Through Software Assurance, access to the latest version of Microsoft Office at no extra cost means our employees can use Microsoft technology as soon as we are ready.

    David Shardelow,
    Director of Information Services and Technology
    Meridian Bioscience

  • Acquiring a suite of Microsoft technologies through a comprehensive licensing agreement made this the smoothest corporate transition of my career.

    Robert Amos,
    Manager, Infrastructure Systems
    NuStar Energy

  • Innovation is a key to success and with our Open Value agreement we can use the latest version of Microsoft tools with minimum cost.

    Markos Speis,
    IT Director