Use Cold Backups to:

  • Help users regain access to critical data and applications following disasters

  • Help protect your organization’s mission-critical solutions

Cold Back-ups for Disaster Recovery provides additional licenses for servers used as offline (“cold”) backups, to help you recover in case of a catastrophic event.

Before you use:

Check Your Benefits
For each Server License you have with Software Assurance, you have the right to install the same software product on a “cold” backup server for disaster recovery purposes.

When you use:

Use Your Licensing Rights
You need not take any formal action to activate this benefit. Simply use your Microsoft Volume Licensing media (or downloads) to install product on your backup servers.

Proof of license and Software Assurance coverage for the production server software (and any required Client Access Licenses (CALs)), are evidence of your right to the cold backup server licenses.

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