Use Enterprise Source Licensing Program to:

  • Adjust and optimize your systems and related applications for better performance

  • Improve support and troubleshooting capabilities for deployed Windows systems

With the Enterprise Source Licensing Program you gain access to Microsoft Windows source code for internal development and support. Your IT staff can use the source code to improve the performance of Windows systems and related applications, enhance supportability and help enhance system security.

Before you use:

Check Your Benefits
With the Enterprise Source Licensing Program (ESLP) benefit, Microsoft Software Assurance customers with 10,000 or more licensed desktop PCs in the systems pool can access Microsoft Windows client and server source code for internal development and support purposes.

Geographic Eligibility
To determine the geographic markets in which source code can be made available under Enterprise Source Licensing Program, please consult the Eligible Geographic Market page.

When you use:

Request Participation
To request participation in this program, Software Assurance customers complete the Shared Source Initiative Program Enrollment Request Form and submit it to the Shared Source Initiative. More information is available on the Share Source Initiative web site that includes how-to instructions for requesting shared code.

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