Software Assurance for Large Business

Boost productivity across your organization with cost-effective benefits that help you get the most out of your Microsoft software.

Once viewed as simply upgrades, Software Assurance has evolved into a core set of benefits recognized by leading organizations as essential for improving workforce productivity, streamlining software deployment, and reducing costs.

Help employees be more productive

With Software Assurance you gain powerful, time-tested resources to help amplify the impact of people across your organization, regardless of their role.

Ensure smooth deployments with flexible upgrade options

An efficient deployment can lead to higher usage and productivity, as well as a lower-cost IT infrastructure. With Software Assurance you gain support and resources to help you reduce the costs and complexity of implementing new software, with deployment options to best suit your organization.

A cost-effective way to manage and support your technology investment

Software Assurance continues to evolve to help you stay current with technology while keeping your IT spend in check, and simplify budgeting with predictable payments.

  • Reduce upfront costs and simplify budgeting with the Spread Payments option that allows you to spread the cost of licenses and Software Assurance across three equal annual sums with no interest or "cost of money" fees.

  • Help lower the cost of new software acquisition with new product versions and discounts on upgrades, while simplifying software licensing, budgeting, and administration.

  • Manage software more efficiently by streamlining the IT management tasks you do every day with unique and exclusive technologies available in Windows 7 Enterprise & Microsoft Optimized Desktop Pack.

  • Use deployment planning that gives you on-site, expert guidance that you can use to help efficiently deploy and implement new software; 24x7 Phone and Web support offers a direct connection to Microsoft anytime a support need arises.

  • Take advantage of online user training and IT classroom training.

  • Get more life out of legacy PCs, while improving their management and security using this small-footprint Windows-based operating system solution.

  • Online tracking through the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC), makes managing your licenses easier, and lets you view your agreements, other licensing information and manage your Software Assurance benefits online.

For at-a-glance information on what Software Assurance might bring to your business, see the Software Assurance Benefits Chart.

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