Use The Office Multi-Language Pack to:

  • Help employees work more productively, regardless of language or location

  • Streamline deployment with a single Office image that supports 37 languages

  • Support individuals with free Office user interface (UI) languages and proofing tools.

The Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack enables you to deploy a single Office image with support for 37 user interface (UI) languages, and equip individuals who create or edit content with powerful proofing tools and self-help features.

Learn what the Office Global Experience Platform Team is doing to make Office 2010 world-ready and deliver the optimal user experience regardless of your locale or language choice.

Before you use:

Support the multi-language desktop
Whether you are with a smaller company serving a multilingual customer base, or larger enterprise with workers across the globe, Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack gives you a cost-effective way to support individual who create and edit content in different language.

When you carry Software Assurance on qualifying Office products, you can deploy and use any combination of 37 different Office user interface (UI) languages without having to purchase additional Office Language Packs.

When you use:

Pair with Windows 7 Enterprise
When you carry Software Assurance on Windows systems products, you can further support your multilingual workforce with Windows 7 Enterprise.

Window 7 Enterprise includes the Multi-language User Interface (MUI) enabling you to rollout the same multi-language desktop image across your organization, and further standardize support for users with different language needs.

Get the Office Multi-Language Pack through VLSC
As with most Software Assurance (SA) Benefits, your SA Manager uses the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to manage and download Windows and Office products.

Related Benefits:

Planning Services
Get structured planning services from Microsoft partners to enable efficient deployments of Microsoft application, system and server products, and cloud services.

E-Learning Services
With over 1000 available course hours offered in 16 languages, E-Learning can help accelerate familiarity and build employee skills with Office products.

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