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English Term Definition Current Translation New Translation
background  The screen background image used on a graphical user interface such as Windows. Any pattern or picture that can be stored as a bitmap (.bmp) file can be set as a screen background.  arka plan 
Word is Locked arka plan See All Suggestions
Boolean  Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of logical (true, false) values.  Boole 
Word is Locked Boole See All Suggestions
bridgehead server  A computer that connects servers using the same communications protocols so information can be passed from one server to another.  köprü kurucu sunucu 
Word is Locked köprü kurucu sunucu See All Suggestions
codec  Software that is used to compress or decompress a digital media file.  codec 
Word is Locked kodek See All Suggestions
combo box  A standard Windows control that combines text box and list box functions.  açılan kutu 
Word is Locked birleşik giriş kutusu See All Suggestions
contact  A person, inside or outside your organization, for whom you have created an entry where you can save several types of information, such as street and e-mail addresses, telephone and fax numbers, and Web page URLs.  kişi 
Word is Locked kişi See All Suggestions
context menu  A menu that is related to the active window or item, accessible by right-clicking the mouse.  içerik menüsü 
Word is Locked bağlam menüsü See All Suggestions
cryptobinding  A procedure that creates an object which can later be authenticated  şifre tabanlı bağlama 
Word is Locked şifre tabanlı bağlama See All Suggestions
download  To transfer a copy of a file from a remote device to a requesting device by means of a modem or network.  karşıdan yüklemek 
Word is Locked indirmek See All Suggestions
drive letter  The naming convention for disk drives or partitions on most computers, consisting of an alphabetical letter followed by a colon.  sürücü harfi 
Word is Locked sürücü harfi See All Suggestions
export  To output data and database objects to another database, spreadsheet, or file format so another database, application, or program can use the data or database objects. You can export data to a variety of supported databases, programs, and file formats.  vermek 
Word is Locked dışarı aktarmak See All Suggestions
failover  In a failover cluster or server cluster, the process of taking a clustered service or application offline on one node and bringing it back online on another node.  yük devretme 
Word is Locked yük devretme See All Suggestions
feed  Summary content with web links to a more complete version delivered in a standard XML format. The more common examples are weblogs and news web sites.  özet akışı 
Word is Locked akış See All Suggestions
game controller  A device used to control a video game. For example, a joystick, mouse, or gamepad.  oyun kumandası 
Word is Locked oyun kumandası See All Suggestions
globally unique identifier  A 16-byte value generated from the unique identifier on a device, the current date and time, and a sequence number. It is used to identify a particular device, component, user, or session.  genel benzersiz tanımlayıcı 
Word is Locked genel benzersiz tanımlayıcı See All Suggestions
hash algorithm  An algorithm that produces a hash value of some piece of data, such as a message or session key. With a good hash algorithm, changes in the input data can change every bit in the resulting hash value; for this reason, hashes are useful in detecting any modification in a data object, such as a message. Furthermore, a good hash algorithm makes it computationally infeasible to construct two independent inputs that have the same hash. Typical hash algorithms include MD2, MD4, MD5, and SHA-1.  karma algoritması 
Word is Locked karma algoritması See All Suggestions
health  Information about a client computer that Network Access Protection (NAP) uses to allow or deny access to a network and which is encapsulated in a statement of health (SoH), which is issued by a system health agent (SHA) on the client computer.  sistem durumu 
Word is Locked sistem durumu See All Suggestions
hibernation  A power-saving state that saves your open documents and programs to your hard disk and then turns off your computer. When you’re ready to use the computer again, it comes out of hibernation in seconds and restores all of your open programs and documents that were saved. Of all the power-saving states that Windows uses, hibernation uses the least amount of power.  hazırda bekleme 
Word is Locked hazırda bekleme See All Suggestions
hover  To hold the tablet pen above the screen, keeping the pointer in the same location, or briefly rest the mouse pointer on a button, link, or other UI element.  vurgulamak 
Word is Locked üzerine gelmek See All Suggestions
image  A collection of files and folders (sometimes compressed into one file) that duplicates the original file and folder structure of an operating system. It often contains other files added by the OEM or corporation.  görüntü 
Word is Locked görüntü See All Suggestions
import  To bring information from one system or program into another. The system or program receiving the data must somehow support the internal format or structure of the data.  almak 
Word is Locked içeri aktarmak See All Suggestions
Internet service provider  A business that supplies Internet connectivity services to individuals, businesses, and other organizations. An ISP provides a telephone number, a user name, a password, and other connection information so that users can access the Internet through the ISP's computers.  Internet servis sağlayıcısı 
Word is Locked Internet servis sağlayıcısı See All Suggestions
ISP  A business that supplies Internet connectivity services to individuals, businesses, and other organizations. An ISP provides a telephone number, a user name, a password, and other connection information so that users can access the Internet through the ISP's computers.  ISS 
Word is Locked servis sağlayıcı See All Suggestions
Live File System  A file storage system that can be used to create CDs and DVDs. Discs formatted with Live File System allow you to copy files to the disc at any time, instead of copying (burning) them all at once.  Dinamik Dosya Sistemi 
Word is Locked Dinamik Dosya Sistemi See All Suggestions
logo  A distinctive symbol that identifies you, your business, or your organization. It can combine a name, motto, and graphics.  logo 
Word is Locked logo See All Suggestions
malware  Software that fulfills the deliberately harmful intent of an attacker when run.  kötü amaçlı yazılım 
Word is Locked kötü amaçlı yazılım See All Suggestions
mobile device  A piece of handheld equipment such as a portable music or video player, PDA (personal digital assistant), mobile phone, or Windows Mobile device that works on its own but can also connect to a computer. Many of these devices can sync information with Windows.  mobil aygıt 
Word is Locked mobil cihaz See All Suggestions
operator  A sign or symbol that specifies the type of calculation to perform within an expression. There are mathematical, comparison, logical, and reference operators.  işleç 
Word is Locked işlem simgesi See All Suggestions
parental controls  Settings that enable parents to restrict what their children see.  ebeveyn denetimleri 
Word is Locked ebeveyn denetimleri See All Suggestions
phishing website  A Web site that impersonates a trustworthy Web site to obtain user's personal or financial information.  kimlik avlayan web sitesi 
Word is Locked kimlik avlayan web sitesi See All Suggestions
pop-up menu  A menu that is related to the active window or item, accessible by right-clicking the mouse.  açılır menü 
Word is Locked açılır menü See All Suggestions
prerequisite  Something that is required as a prior condition.  önkoşul 
Word is Locked önkoşul See All Suggestions
print queue  The list of documents that are waiting to be printed.  yazdırma sırası 
Word is Locked yazdırma kuyruğu See All Suggestions
proxy server  A server located on a network between client software, such as a Web browser, and another server. It intercepts all requests to the server to determine whether it can fulfill them itself. If not, it forwards the request to another server.  proxy sunucu 
Word is Locked ara sunucu See All Suggestions
radio button  A standard Windows control that allows a user to select from a fixed set of mutually exclusive choices.  radyo düğmesi 
Word is Locked radyo düğmesi See All Suggestions
script  A type of program consisting of a set of instructions to an application or tool program. A script usually expresses instructions by using the application`s or tool`s rules and syntax, combined with simple control structures such as loops and if/then expressions.  komut dosyası 
Word is Locked betik See All Suggestions
security context  The security attributes or rules that are currently in effect. For example, the rules that govern what a user can do to a protected object are determined by security information in the user's access token and in the object's security descriptor. Together, the access token and the security descriptor form a security context for the user's actions on the object.  güvenlik bağlamı 
Word is Locked güvenlik bağlamı See All Suggestions
separator  A line that separates groups of controls (on a surface) or commands (on a menu).  ayırıcı 
Word is Locked ayraç See All Suggestions
server-side include  A mechanism for including dynamic text in World Wide Web documents. Server-side includes are special command codes that are recognized and interpreted by the server; their output is placed in the document body before the document is sent to the browser. Server-side includes can be used, for example, to include the Date and Time stamp in the text of the file.  sunucu tarafı için içerme kodu 
Word is Locked sunucu tarafı ekleme kodu See All Suggestions
streaming  A method of delivering digital media across a network in a continuous flow. The digital media is played by client software as it is received. Typically, streaming makes it unnecessary for users to download a file before playing it.  akış 
Word is Locked akış See All Suggestions
strong password  A password that cannot be easily guessed or cracked. A strong password is at least eight characters long, does not contain all or part of the user's account name, and contains at least three of the four following categories of characters: uppercase characters, lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols found on the keyboard (such as !, @, #).  güçlü parola 
Word is Locked güçlü parola See All Suggestions
syntax  The rules governing the formation of a command-line statement, including the order in which a command must be typed, and the elements that follow the command.  sözdizimi 
Word is Locked sözdizimi See All Suggestions
system builder  Anyone who assembles systems, and then provides them to a solution provider or OEMs who brands and sells the systems.  sistem üreticisi 
Word is Locked sistem üreticisi See All Suggestions
unhandled exception  An exception that was identified with a "try catch or finally block" structure or that occurred outside this structure but was not caught by any structured error handler. "Dr. Watson" errors are examples.  işlenmeyen özel durum 
Word is Locked işlenmeyen özel durum See All Suggestions
Windows image  A single compressed file containing a collection of files and folders that duplicate a Windows installation on a disk volume.  Windows görüntü dosyası 
Word is Locked Windows görüntü dosyası See All Suggestions
Windows System Image Manager  A utility for creating and modifying answer files and configuration sets.  Windows Sistem Görüntü Yöneticisi 
Word is Locked Windows Sistem Görüntü Yöneticisi See All Suggestions
zone elevation  A situation that occurs when a Web page loaded in one URL security zone loads a page from a less restrictive zone in a frame or a new window. For example, if a page from the Internet zone loads a page from the Local Machine zone, a zone elevation has occurred.  bölge yükseltmesi 
Word is Locked bölge yükseltmesi See All Suggestions

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